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Why use Mobile Marketing

Why use mobile marketing as part of your customer loyalty program.

Mobile Marketing
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This is usually the case that loyal customers will:
* Buy more
* Buy across your product lines
* Will pay for value add services/products
* Require less product usage instruction
* Do not need sales support
* Are more likely to sole source
* Make referrals on your behalf
A complete article on Customer Loyalty can be found on Loyalty Research.

Listen and watch this video on why you really need to consider tapping into the mobile marketing vehicle.

As Google has stated converting people over is only 29% right now, we do know however this will increase over the next few years as we are much more smartphone savvy.

Using mobile marketing will help you to develop a customer loyalty program for your business. Business owners, Entrepreneurs and the like want more customers – are we keeping them or are we just continually trying to get more and more?

It really depends upon on your business model.. in some situations we may need hundreds of thousands most of us only really need a few hundred. What if there was a way in which you could keep more customers loyal to you? in other words, they just keep buying from you over and over again?

Wouldn’t this be cool?

Of course it would.

If so, why don’t more businesses do it?

Simply because is requires a commitment to do so. It needs to start at the beginning of a relationship – when they buy from you.

It’s like dating, we court we get the deal they commit
to us from being a friend to marriage. What happens most of the time we forget that we still need to court them.

In a business relationship it works the same way, we need to keep on top of the game of courting our clients this will enhance our business relationship with them. Thus customer loyalty grows.

There are many ways to do this and why – let’s focus on courting new and old customers using mobile marketing. The Paid2Save let’s you set up your whole system on their app.. from giving your offer or invite to ongoing activities and benefits of doing business with you. Or why you should do business with people you are engaged with.

Ready to take a look at developing a program that is cost effective? Give me a call.


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