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Would you like more referrals?

Would you like more referrals? Some say they would and some say why would I? Referrals  are centered among people who can be prospects for each other, we’ll enhance each others’ image.

Why do people suffer in getting sales?

Quite often people don’t like to ask for the sale, payment or the money. Getting referrals is like getting sales, except you are asking people to help you get more sales or clients.

So, what is a Referral Partner?

They are people who agree to give and receive referrals. They are friends, prospects, clients and customers. they agree to work together to refer one another.

This is a conscious relationship. You agree and recognize opportunities to  serve to your referral partners. For example you are at a business meeting and someone said they are having trouble finding a interior decorator, you will instantly, know of someone that you can introduce or refer them to.

Think about these questions first:

  1. How many referrals do you want? 
  2. I’m working on getting 70% of my business via referrals #’?
  3. What do you want us as referrers, to do to help you achieve your goals? 
  4. Helping __________  marketing be more known, keep me accountable
  5. What do I need to do to achieve my goals?
  6. Get more meetings/appts, get in the community, network strategically
  7. How does everyone win?
  8. More referrals, accountability, support, collectively winning together
  9. What do I need to win?
  10. Keep prospecting, supporting my referral circle partners, focus on what I want
  11. What challenges might stop me?

Getting referrals will give you more  loyal customers, they will buy what you have, no hard sells, just meet their needs. Pay attention to the details and being creative about it, you’ll grow your business much faster.

I put together a master class this past week, I had a few people register, no one likes to show up, you know why? They think they will just get the replays. I’ve decided that I will be charging for my Masterclasses, and if you want the replays consider joining the membership club. Also if you subscribe to my newsletter you will also get an invite to the private discussion group. No, it’s not on Facebook or LinkedIn.. It’s on a private platform.. TBA

Your referral economy or social circle there are barriers, here are a few.


In terms of references, SMEs (small and medium-sized entities) are the great forgotten. The natural process and the referral economy suggest a remuneration; though, while these small companies refer to others by a value of ____, almost half of them would not be willing to spend their time establishing a formal remuneration system because of its difficulty or simply because the gain is small. Other companies, a 28% see referencing as a natural process, considering then that it does not require any payment.

At the same time, about 45% of these businesses are reluctant to recommend a good service from others as they see them as potential competitors or just fearing to recommend something that turns out to be finally not good and which could cause the company’s reputation to plummet.

The remarkable benefits:

  • References are cheap in terms of return on investment. Compared with the sales they produce, which are as valuable as an advertising campaign, its cost is very small. What’s more, friend-to-friend referrals are actually among the most appreciated sales canals.
  • Referrals build businesses; businesses build referrals. Doing a great effort for your customers, they will appreciate it in terms of repeating with a company and also referencing, thereby expanding your customer network.
  • Referral marketing goes viral. If one customer is pleased, he recommends the service or product to another. Referrals have an inclination to build up on themselves.
  • Referral marketing doesn’t end online. Despite the effect created through social media recommendations, brand envoys develop a crucial role to reach clients networks.
  • Referrals are teachable. By the simple process of soliciting your clientele to refer after the company have performed great. Because of it, when the customer listens to someone’s need, he will mention you.
  • Referral marketing is easy to measure and optimize. Track how successful your program is and the ways in which you can regulate to attract a higher rate of sales, is easy given the social nature of referral marketing online.
  • Referral marketing builds trust. Accepting a recommendation for a friend is common and you do not even ask more about it. An example of a business based on reliance is eBay, where customer reviews are the key belief factor.

What do you think? Do you ask for referrals? Would you like more referrals?

I offer a complete course in how to get more referrals. If you are interested just let me know.

Download this pdf to get started…

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