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Your Social Circle – Part 2

Your Social Circle – Part 2 the meaning of A.S.K. Ask, Seek & Knock A referral partner is someone who agrees to give and receive referrals.

They are prospects, clients or persons who have agreed to work together, to refer to one another. This is a great opportunity to grow your social circle.

On one of the interviews that Bonnie Dubrow and I did together about being an Authority of your Niche, our interviewee Paul Cronin told us how he grew his Linkedin Group. He would select key words of the people he wanted to work with..when the Google alerts came in he approached each person by saying:

“I found you via a Google alert.  I hope you don’t mind this unsolicited email. We have a LinkedIn group of Experts and Experienced Business Advisers you may wish to join:  Successful Transition Planning Institute (the name of our firm). We also look to build mutual referrals. No longer in biz.

We prevent business owners from having Seller’s Remorse.  If you have ever had clients who have stalled or even killed “good” deals for no logical reason, you know what we mean.  We look to connect with other professional advisors to help their clients have successful exits (or transitions) that lead to happier and more fulfilling lives.  We call this “Peace-of-Mind in your Platinum Years(tm)”.  Some clients go on to found new business, and look to our network of professionals to help them in their new venture.  Many clients need personal tax, legal and financial planning as well.

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As a Conscious Relationship, both parties recognize referring opportunities – in client meetings for example, you may ask if there is anything they need in their business that you could refer them to. You could make a recommendation, or make an introduction, or arrange an introduction.

Some of the qualities that you may want to determine to add to your social network are:

  • Do they have the same values?
  • How can you introduce them?
  • Do you feel comfortable in letting them serve your clients?
  • Do you feel comfortable in referring to them?
  • Do you have Team meetings help each other?
  • Do you feel a connection with them?
  • Do they fit your niche?

Thank you for joining me in this series of “How to Grow Your Social Circle”.  The meaning of A.S.K. Ask, Seek & Knock.

Do you any questions or comments? Please leave them below, let’s discuss them.



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