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Media room is about resources and sharing information about what’s happening with Heart@Work, praise, podcasts and other news.

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What’s is your why? Interviewed by Barbara Anne Gardenhire-Mills, MSEL, CPC in her TV show. I was her 1st virtual guest.

Interviewed by the Women’s Radio show

An “End-of-Life” Doula Tells Boomers: Preparation Is Key!


Rosetta Chow Podcast


Manpreet Bawa – Testimonial


Did you know that I have a Podcast show called Impactful Legacy? It started out as how to create one to now I interview people who are either working on creating one or have been doing it and want to share what they are doing to create an Impactful Legacy.

Listen in on Anchor.fm and it’s also on my Youtube channel, where I quite often livestream there. Impactful Legacy.

Baby Boomers dying with loose ends

Recently in 2020, I had the privilege of being on Mitchel Levy’s Credible Podcast you can listen to our call. https://www.thoughtleaderlife.com/thoughtleaderlife/thought-leader-life-545-guest-mari-lyn-harris/ Are we being credible? It’s also on iTunes: http://traffic.libsyn.com/fir/FIRthoughtLeaderMM-545.mp3

Kindness Matters Conference 2020 – announcement and details and Press Release

The replays of the Kindness conferences. Enjoy!

July 14, Day 1 youtu.be/JfqV8eB6zr4

July 15, Day 2 youtu.be/88Vn7dxue4M

July 16, Day 3 youtu.be/XEA5Gj4Ccrc

Podcast show, Impactful Legacy on Anchor includes Apple Podcast and 8 other channels

2020 podcasts.heartatworkonline.org started it in April 2019, interviewing people who help workplaces to have better productivity, communication, kindness, workplace wellness..of course there’s the occasional person who are being showcased for the good they do in the world.

2020 Testimonials – Reviews on Google   

How to Succeed by giving your customers what they want

November 13, 2012 World Kindness Day..we’ll be Paying it Forward. Putting Kindness to Work.The Kindness@Work e-book sells for $4.95

What is Relationship Marketing?

May 19, 2012 The secret of growing your business

March 16, 2012 Client Attraction

October 19, 2011 Delighting a Customer

What other clients and associates have said:
Case Studies

2010 Branching out in Social Media
Interviewed on Arizona AM, a local TV show.

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