Nathan Walz Episode #22


Nathan Walz Episode #22 is a speaker on optimal health and increasing productivity. He helps his clients experience their true potential by helping them optimize their health.

Nathan started on his journey with declining health with symptoms of fatigue, insomnia, chronic pain, indigestion, anxiety, depression, and brain fog, Nathan tested positive for Lyme disease, mercury toxicity, and candida for ten years. He was put on several antibiotics and supplements and his health went from bad to worse.

This started Nathan on his journey of healing his body and mind. Through mentorship, research, and trial and error, Nathan had a full recovery and his health continues to improve. Nathan learned how to turn his health around by reconnecting with nature, optimizing his environment, and using biohacks to improve his energy at the cellular level (mitochondrial function).

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See him on the home page, Nathan Walz

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