One Change to Make a Difference

How one change can make a difference. I just watched this YouTube movie that a friend of mine posted. It’s fabulous. As you watch think about all the little things you can do to even make your own relationships better, whether they are business or personal ones.

Watch the video

I think it was Marci Smirnoff who said, “That if we all do simple things to change our relationships no matter how bad or difficult they are we’ll see a miracle for us.

For 30 days, every day write out ten things that you appreciate about the person you are in conflict with, or someone that you would like to have a better and improved relationship with, you’ll notice changes.

I can say, that I have found that it really has helped it gives us time to reflect on what we really appreciate about the other person. This simple exercise can really change the dynamic of all your relationships.

Try it out and enjoy the movie…Pay it Forward.


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