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What Makes a Good Referral Partner?

We all have our needs and requests of people to be great referral partners..Carol and I have been doing a series of calls about Social Circles and what has really come up in the calls is what is a good referral partner for us. It’s all really based on some core principles and preferences we all need to set for ourselves. You know sometimes it’s just hard to … read more..

How to Win Friends and Influence People

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A book review of Dale Carnegie’s Book “How to Win friends and Influence people.” The Dale Carnegie Course is a program for businesses based on Carnegie’s teachings used worldwide. It was founded in 1912 and is represented in more than 75 countries. More than 8 million people have completed Dale Carnegie Training. The course comprise a proprietary process that uses team dynamics and intra-group activities to strengthen interpersonal … read more..

Who Would You Prefer to Connect With?

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Who would you prefer to connect with? Are you someone people would like to connect with? As you are navigating on line in the Social Networks it’s important to the the same head shot of yourself on all the networking groups you belong to. This gives people to ‘see’ you and you become more visible. One of the challenges we all face is to be known and found, … read more..

How to Engage with a Social Media Evangelist

I started to write a post about enlisting a Social Media Evangelist to your campaign, what I soon discovered was that there are only five people who consider themselves one. For me, I am more of an Evangelist for Relationships..they are our most precious asset in our personal and business life. Everyday evangelists are spreading the word to others about something that has made a difference in their … read more..

Are You Getting Your Piece of the pie?

I was chatting with a friend about getting a piece of the pie today, she was saying “Most often she feels she is up against other bigger travel service companies.” So she is doing lots of other affiliate marketing to bring in revenue. I have nothing against being an affiliate for other streams of revenue. However my question is “What are you doing to promote YOU?” After all, … read more..

Relationship Management

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CRM means Customer Relationship Manager, usually it’s software you use to manage your accounts, clients so that everything is in one place. When I was in a Sales Position full-time, I used call sheets on paper in folders in my desk drawer, which I filed them either by individual or company name – then I would place their file in a Follow-up next week, 2 weeks or 3 … read more..

Videos: Let’s Get Social

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Videos will help you to get social. Marketing is a wonderful tool to help you get found and direct visitors to your Hub. You can do them yourself, hire someone, buy yourself a flip camera or a Kodak video camera some cameras have a way to record a video. Editing Editing software like i-movie or final cut express can be found on your MAC, I think maybe Microsoft … read more..

Insider Secrets for Customer Service

If Johnny Depp walked into your workplace today, how would you behave? If you’re like most people, you’d drop whatever you were doing and approach him, smiling, ready and eager to serve him. If Halle Berry walked into your restaurant, you’d immediately escort her to the best seat in the house. If Tom Hanks was on the phone asking questions, you’d do whatever you could to get him … read more..

Your Social Circle – Part 4

To Begin to Grow your Social Circle – Start first by working your own Category 1st, then start adding people from other Categories. From each of these categories you can begin to create referral partners. Remember what Paul did when he was growing his Linkedin group? HEALTH SERVICES Chiropractor, Therapist/Massage, Hairstylist, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, Health Products, Counselors REAL ESTATE Residential/Commercial, Investment Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, Bankers, Lawyers, Designers, Stagers … read more..

Get Referrals

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To get referrals you need to create or own social circle, the people are connectors who are willing to help you to grow your vision or business. I’ve been writing about creating your own Social Circle Series. They are about developing your own business circles for referrals and how you can create your own. Sometime ago I facilitated what I called it “Power Marketing” a workshop on how … read more..

Your Social Circle – Part 3

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What you need for your social circle, part 3. T.P.P. Time Patience Persistence is what you’ll need. Developing a new relationships requires your Time, Patience and Persistence in developing a social circle. Profile WHO you want to work with: What are their qualities and characteristics – narrow this list down to a sentence or two. What services and products are you willing to provide – make a list. … read more..

Your Social Circle – Part 2

The meaning of A.S.K. Ask, Seek & Knock A referral partner is someone who agrees to give and receive referrals. They are prospects, clients or persons who have agreed to work together, to refer to one another. This is a great opportunity to grow your social circle. On one of the interviews that Bonnie Dubrow and I did together about being an Authority of your Niche, our interviewee … read more..

The Art of Connecting

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The Art of connecting – I’ve been reading the Art of Friendship by Roger and Sally Horchow, they are a father and daughter team..they offer some simple rules to make meaningful connections. Connecting is the key to launching a friendship. Remember Malcolm Gladwell from the tipping point? He says “Roger is a “connector.” Connectors are those rare people who have a special gift of bringing people together, they … read more..

Social Media Revolution 2

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This is a refresh of the original Social Media Revolution with updated statistics and images. Created by author Erik Qualman and based on the #1 Best Selling book Socialnomics. This video is now for 2014. This was in 2012 What changes we have experienced..now is the time to refocus on what you really want and what the best platforms where you’ll discover where your customers are. When you … read more..

How to Win Clients to Engage with You

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If you know how to win clients to engage with you, do you know what makes them tic? Tic’s definition is: “having regular repeated actions that match; a description of who they are; a label or tag.” If you don’t know what makes your customers tic, you’ll discover that people will expect you to deliver a product or service that you don’t want to do, aren’t able to … read more..

How to Get Cheap Traffic

Review on Comment tools that are available for you to help you get more visitors, simply by using comment plugins on your blog is a cheap SEO tool to bring traffic and visitors to your site. Comments as you know will bring up your index level on Google and give you links, backlinks which is import to connect with other people and their sites. And not just Google … read more..

It’s All About Relationships

Everything in life is about your relationships, that’s why we network, go on dates, meet people for coffee, for lunches and social gatherings. We all do this to meet some need, whether it’s for life partners, establishing clients, friends, employees or strategic alliances. What happens after is what really matters. Do you follow-up? Do you ask for the sale, or the friendship or the relationship to begin? Do … read more..

Secret of Marketing – Part 2

The secret of marketing – part 2 was another series of comments from Linkedin. This is a continuum from my question of What’s the Secret of Marketing? I found that more people really like to hear from people who have tried out various tactics or spokes as I call them. Linda S. Posey – Thanks for the great discussion. Good list, Richard. BTW, I believe it’s called permission … read more..

Facebook: Not just a pretty face

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Why Facebook isn’t just a pretty face. By now, you’ve probably discovered some of the benefits of having a Facebook page for your business.  Facebook has had many changes over the years. This was first written on Aug 2010. Some of the suggestions my not work any longer. If you’re doing it right, you’ve got yourself a fan page with a growing number of “likers” and you’re actively … read more..

Is “Selling” a Dirty Word?

Reno and I met on Blitztime, and have kept in touch through Linkedin, Twitter – it pays to keep in touch, share each others content. By shifting and use collaboration – does work and it helps us all. How much are you selling? There I said it. Is your business where it needs to be monetarily? Frankly! Are you making enough money? Much of what I am reading … read more..

How to Create an Inspired Business

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How to create an inspired business, is about listening to your feelings. Your niche should be something you know about, something that doesn’t feel like work. Patricia Ogilvie, copywriter and marketing design specialist. Patricia specializes in creating ads and Marketing copy for business owners who want a better way of staying in touch with their prospects and clients and keep them coming back for more. Patricia can be … read more..

Take Your Online Marketing To The Next Level: SEO

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Take your online marketing to the next level by using search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, and social media you can achieve your fullest potential on and off the web. Written by Ryan Chaffin, follow Ryan on Twitter @ryanchaffin Advertising is an integral strategy when working towards business success and growth. Internet advertising is extremely competitive. The vast numbers of websites using online marketing make it essential to have … read more..

Creating a Relationship Strategy – Part 4 & 5

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Creating a relationship strategy – part 4 & 5, it’s about considering letting go of some people who are no longer serving you or you are not able to serve. Step 4 – Fine tuning Just as an investor sells losing stocks and bonds, so you should fire (gasp!) clients that come close to “nightmare” status — especially if they are unwilling to pay you for your trouble. … read more..

How to Create a Relationship Strategy

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How to Create a Relationship Strategy, Andrew Neitlich, wrote about relationship strategies. We all have our own ways of doing this..it’s another perspective. This will be broken up into into four different posts, as they are too long for one. We all have relationships that work for us and some that don’t or who are outside our own Social Circle. Do we want to include them in our … read more..

Connect with your teams

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Connect with your teams, Jenny and other people who work with leaders to learn how to connect with their teams at a deeper level.  Creating an impactful legacy. Here’s a few people that I have interviewed about ideas, challenges about working with teams that leaders need to know about. You can find out more about Jenny at: Creating an Impactful Legacy Podcasts She’s a Behavioral Science Expert for … read more..

Self-confidence is believing in oneself

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Self-confidence is believing in oneself, if you don’t, we’ll start to criticize ourselves about the decisions we made or ones we didn’t make. Do you feel worthy? The best way to build self-confidence is to fall in love with your life. It depends upon your self talk, if you criticize yourself you are not falling in love. I remember, I took a class on how to help myself … read more..

What is your Social Media Strategy 2020?

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What is your Social Media Strategy 2020? You’ve likely heard of a social media strategy maybe you even wondered what is a strategy supposed to do for you. A strategy is to help you define what tactics, goals will get you to where you want to go. Social Media is really a part of your marketing plan. So often I have heard from other Entrepreneurs and Small Business … read more..

Why Do You Blog?

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Why do you blog? For some people it’s about becoming an expert in their field, some, to share their experiences or there are several other reasons why. There are many types of blogging, such as voggling.. which is really video blogging, it could also be a mix. I blog as for me it’s about having a specialty and getting known for it. I’ve been more blogging about the … read more..

What is your Personal Social Responsibility Factor?

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What is your Personal Social Responsibility Factor? His blog “Make It Happen” focuses on making things happen in your life and the world. Written by Arvind Devalia Coaching empowers you to live your life to your full potential and will unlock the keys to your ultimate success and freedom. No matter who you are or where you are in your life, coaching is certain to help you. The … read more..

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