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Refund Services

Refund services such as Foreclosures can be difficult… but did you know that over $14 Billion dollars from foreclosures, tax overpayments, mortgage overpayments, funds related to property sales, and money from other types of transactions is being held by the U.S.A. Government – just waiting for them to be claimed!

I work with a team of professionals who care about helping you to make a claim that is rightfully yours. It’s done by uncovering information about the funds soon to be kept by the government agencies. If not, claimed in a certain amount of time, the government  agencies will keep your money.

Over 95% of our clients have no idea that there is money owed to them, it would been have missed if not for my team of professionals, being your advocate and taking action on your behalf. 

My team consists of Auditors, Investigators, Lawyers and Notaries. All of us work together to uncover the unclaimed money.. all without any upfront expense to you.

It’s really a Win / WIN/ WIN for all of us.. It’s easy to get started. 

Foreclosure refunds are real and we help our clients (who may be owed a significant amount of money) file a claim with the government to get their money back – all with NO upfront costs to you.

It’s Easy To Get Started


Call, Text, Or Email Us Today.  510-320-8332  We will answer any questions you may have, then begin the process to find any money that may be available for you.


We will send you the necessary paperwork needed to work on recovering your money.


Have the paperwork signed and notarized where needed.


Return the paperwork back to us via mail or email.


We handle the rest!  

You sit back and let us do the work. We will contact you as soon as a check is ready and on it’s way!


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