Insider Secrets for Customer Service

customer service

Insider Secrets for Customer Service, works like this. If Johnny Depp walked into your workplace today, how would you behave? If you’re like most people, you’d drop whatever you were doing and approach him, smiling, ready and eager to serve him. If Halle Berry walked into your restaurant, you’d immediately escort her to the best … Read more

What Makes a Good Referral Partner?

a referral partner

What makes a good referral partner? We all have our needs and requests of people to be great referral partners, it’s all based on core principles and preferences You know sometimes it’s just hard to really define that certain category of whom we want more referrals from or who we want to work with. Here’s … Read more

Who Would You Prefer to Connect With?


Who would you prefer to connect with? Are you someone people would like to connect with? This article isn’t just about your social networks, it’s also about what kind of people, personalities would you lie to be connected with? Just as you are navigating on line on the Social platforms, it’s important to build trust … Read more

Connect with your teams

connecting teams

Here’s a few people that I have interviewed about ideas, challenges about working with teams that leaders need to know about. You can find out more about Jenny at: Creating an Impactful Legacy Podcasts She’s a Behavioral Science Expert for leaders. Listen to Jenny Bill Lennan who works with high school students also finds the … Read more

Seeing Greatness in Others

seeing greatness

Seeing greatness in others, by giving them praise and appreciation it will help them to feel good about you, you’ll feel good about giving. When you are working with others the more “Great Work” or “Great Job” you say, you’ll find others will respond quicker and more positively to you. When you are coaching someone, … Read more

Building Relationships with Video

giving to your relationships

Building relationships with Video, offers you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and add your own personal touch. Most people fail to do follow-up. after you meet someone at a networking meeting on or offline do you send them a note or card to thank them? The follow-up is the key to begin … Read more

How to Create Your Own Social Circle

social circle

How to create your own social circle. A social circle is about creating your own tribe or people you collaborate with and it becomes a mentorship group too! Came up with social circles, as it’s a great way to have your own mentors, collaborators – a tribe of people that you have each others back. … Read more