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10 Helpful Do’s as an Entrepreneur

Here’s 10 helpful do’s to get started as an Entrepreneur starting out, it’s a new beginning in your life.

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Everyone will have ideas and things you ought to consider..some of the questions people ask on Quora are really good, thought out and some well.. I’ll leave it at that.

1. Just get started – meaning that if you have a dream or passion of worthing you want to do, just get started. Do some research and take some action steps. As an Entrepreneur – you are the one in charge now.

2. Do listen to everyone’s opinions – everyone has one. Yes, you want to take in their suggestions and ideas, just don’t change your mind because someone says you can’t or shouldn’t do it. Discover what is possible for you.

3. Do some research or to know what you can offer that solves a problem. There was a guy who posted on Quora about how could he get the college to help him market or sell his product. First of all a college or another business isn’t going to help you unless there is some benefit for them to help you. In other words don’t make it about me, me.

4. Know who is going to buy your services/products. Make a claim of who you want to work with and start there. You may discover later who really buys your product or service. Sometimes it’s a trial and error. Like B2B, B2C, P2P.. and then narrowing it down.

5. Develop a Marketing strategy – make it simple, so you can follow it. Make it simple. Like Who, What, How, When, Where and Why. You’ll want to use this as a guide. It’s a live document.

6. Be open to ideas even if they are a way off base for you.. Just consider what they say. It maybe not your angle, do make friends and develop relationships along with way. I learned several years ago – be kind to the people as you are going up the ladder at some point you may have to come down. This holds true for developing a business.

7. Network – go to meetings decide which ones that have a good feeling for you. Go to Industry meetings, as well as places where you can meet your customers. Remember, you go to them to help others get what they are looking for. Be the go to person. People will remember this.

8. Do good, give back – be of service 1st. When people do good, are kind and caring they always win.

9. Don’t take NO, personally. My Dad taught me when I was first getting into sales – that when people say NO to you, don’t take it personally. It may not be a product/service for them, or it’s just bad timing.

10. Ask for help! As an Entrepreneur we think we know it all – we don’t! Never be afraid to ask for help.


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