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10 Ways to Cultivate Relationships

Here are 10 ways to cultivate relationships on line that will help you to have more connections and opportunities where ever you are.

Cultivating relationships at work, looking for work or just getting along with people is really important. 

1. Create a blog which you will post content to help engage your followers to post, read or subscribe to, be sure to have a subscribe button or a call to action button to your tips, e-zine. I would recommend Mailerlite with this.

2. Comment on other people’s blogs or posting with a link to your site/blog. Be sure it’s a good comment – don’t bother saying “Great post.” or “I liked this” post more than this, why was it a great post for you, why did you like it. If you don’t it will show up as spam. You don’t want spam to follow you, nor do you want to ruin your reputation.

3. Join groups on Linkedin & Facebook that are of interest to you, post comments, content and helpful tips with a link to your site. People will appreciate the extra time you took to answer their questions as well. Quora is another place to build up your reputation.

4. Write Articles or Tips and submit them to article directories – with your Author profile, something about you and a link to your site/blog. I started with EZine articles before I started blogging, you can do this too, even if you are blogging. 

5. Invite people to follow you Twitter, Facebook and other social media links

6. Invite people to network with you on Alignable  once you do we’ll be connected when you join. 

7. Get to know your local press, write news releases that is news related. Make friends with journalists.

8. Create video’s post them up on YouTube and get followers that way then create your own. If I can do it, so can you. I have a Playlist on there about my Podcast series “How to create an impactful legacy for your business. Be sure to subscribe.

9. Cultivate relationships with your followers, post on their profiles, walls, share personal and business related topics, send them tips.

10. Select key words, pick your niche and cultivate relationships with those people as well –  when you post an answer or a question and you like what they say invite them to your Linkedin Network or your Facebook page to become a fan.  I find most people if you like you they will start to follow you, just beside to follow them back. It all needs to be reciprocal.

11. Follow up with people, stay in touch. I know sometimes things get carried away this is why I like posting on my blog – you can subscribe to it via an RSS feed. You get weekly tips or messages.

I’m doing a partnership with Sedona Pies about sharing the message about kindness ideas – we all could use a little more kindness in our daily lives.  If you would like to participate drop me a line.  Sedona Pies is going to be in the Wine & Food Fest on September 12.. tickets are only $10. SP is looking for sponsors who would like to participate with us. For each sample bag  will get a message of Kindness.  If you would like to add your business card that will go out to 1,000 people who will be attending,  it will be added on the bag.  You decide how many bags you want to be added to.

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