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12 Networking Tips

12 Networking Tips -here, however 11 networking tips to be Connected was written for the Scrappy Women’s Blog

The Possibilities Of Referrals

Rather than re-posting it you can just over to their site and read it. Liz Tadman, said “you are such a good networker, can you write for us an article about networking?” So I did.

I would also like to say, that your social activities are also great networking opportunities. If you don’t have very many people oriented activities be sure to find a group that you can join in on. If they aren’t local, be it online.

I took a day off on Saturday – just to have a social day..I am really out of the loop as I almost didn’t know what to say, except of business or a project that I am working on. Hmmm, something to work on – getting a social life.

Hope you enjoy the article about 11 Networking tips to be connected.

Here’s some other networking topics on this blog.
10 Best ways to rock at networking
More and more people are really finding ways to increase their connection base and to get more visibility. Let people know what you offer and how you may be able to help each other.

What makes networking worth it?
My view is that when we are networking in a group that we all need to partcipate – for example there are some Facebook groups that I have and belong to..when a post is posted like it’s Twitter day, everyone will list their llink, however not everyone will reciprocate..why not? Maybe they don’t know how, or they would rather receive than give or ?

My Networking Angels
I like what Carol Deckert has on her site about her best referral partners, so I am posting my favorite Networking Angels. These are people who have made a difference for me and we quite often exchange referrals, offer support and help me. By all means contact them, if you think they can help you.

Successful ways to network as an Artist
The main thing about successful networking as an Artist is to always remember this: “It’s not what can you do for me – but always “What can I do to help you?”

Our greatest power is to Love – be of service. Whether it’s one on one or to a group of people.


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