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12 Ways to Develop Relationships

Here are 12 ways to develop relationships. Without having relationships with people, you will NOT have a successful business or life.

It’s been interesting for me that past few months, as I have been traveling, met some great people, supported them the best I can, sometimes I have just relied on the relationships with people I’ve nurtured to help me.

Then there are the people who have asked me to help them, in getting their message out to the world, my first question is who is your key audience? Most people say it’s everyone. Without this knowing, it’s not a very good place to start. Once you know, you have begun to develop relationships with those people. If you haven’t you can start now.

Sadly, however I have trained people to not call me back or nurture the relationship with me. I’ve always been the person to reach out, ask a bit about people, and see if there is a way I can support them. Most of them immediately go to the place, you can support me by sending me clients.


This is how you would NOT engage or nurture a relationship. Your reply, might be, let’s stay in touch by:

  1. Let’s tweet each others’ messages out
  2. Let’s chat every other month or so
  3. Let’s use Twitterfeed and share our blogs content
  4. Let’s find out more about each other – our interests, where we live, what we do and find ways we can help each other.
  5. Let’s attend each other’s events if we can..or promote their events
  6. Let’s show our appreciation for each other
  7. Let’s give a shout out
  8. Let’s recommend them
  9. Let’s listen and really hear each other
  10. Let’s say YES more often
  11. Let’s not expect or kept count of how many times you have helped them
  12. Let’s call them just to say hello, how are you?

Over time you will find other ways to help each other. Relationships are the key in our business and life successes. All business and Love flows through relationships. It’s what we give, what we pay it forward and what are willing to receive, saying YES, I am willing to have this.

One friend said, “You have continued to nurture our friendship, without any expectations.” When I really needed a place to stay, she offered her place, it was not my intention in staying at her place. I did for a couple of weeks. Our friendship has deepened. I can see we will be friends for a long time. She understood what challenges I was going through. And helped me. I have really appreciated her kindness and help.

When we give freely without expectation of return at any time, you’ll be surprised who will come and lift you up.

If you are struggling in getting clients, gigs or to have a presence online or offline. Start developing relationships with people.

Discover your own success as you build relationships with people.

Mari-Lyn Harris

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