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5 Ideas: To Keep Your Customers Happy

In giving you 5 ideas to keep your customers happy, this will help you to think more generous ideas.


Being generous is one of the key points of keeping your customers, readers and business partners happy. I wrote a post about this in 2011.
One small act of Kindness

Here’s a great article about sharing your best customer service experience.

Here’s a re-cap of the main 5 ideas:

  • Give away a medical report for someone who has Diabetes when your customer subscribes or likes your business page on Facebook
  • Grow your e-mail list by giving a gift, report, webinar, video series and hangout to ask questions.
  • Spend five and get five or share five everyone gets a discount, a gift, a referral.
  • Like our business page on FaceBook and we’ll donate to…. your favorite charity or group.
  • Foursquare offers ways for you to check into a location and get a bonus gift
  • Give an award for the Customer of the week.
  • It’s about the perks that are of value to your customers that will count, especially you are in retail or you want repeat business. If you write a blog to educate, then beside to write great content – not keep spinning or repeating content that is already out there.

    According to the Free Dictionary – they define generous as:
    1. Liberal in giving or sharing. See Synonyms at liberal.
    2. Showing kindness and magnanimity: It was generous of him to mention us in his remarks.
    3. Marked by abundance; ample: a generous slice of cake.
    4. Having a rich bouquet and flavor: a generous wine.
    5. Obsolete Of noble lineage.

    There are many more ways you can help your customers when you are generous, you also help yourself to be more prosperous. The prosperity circle, means that you give without expectation of return. To give freely, whether it’s a kind word, an act or gift. Just be generous.

    The ideas on this post are just ideas to want your customer to do more business with you, for them to refer you, or share your content.

    Until next time..

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