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6 Top Ways to Grow Business Relationships

6 top ways to grow business relationships.The following articles I wrote several years ago. For us women, we are usually natural networkers and like to nurture our relationships.

The Art of Connecting

Connecting is the key to launching a friendship. Remember Malcolm Gladwell from the tipping point? He says “Roger is a “connector.” Connectors are those rare people who have a special gift of bringing people together, they know a lot of people. Connectors cultivate friendships and acquaintances for the simple joy of it. In their little book they gives some ways in which you can to become a connector.

This next article is very popular – How to get visitors to your site. It was written by a group of people I met on LinkedIn and we all shared our tips. There are 30 ideas one for each day for one month that you can do.

If you are on LinkedIn, you may or may not know Getting the best out of LinkedIn, advantage in building or growing your audience. TSeasoned professionals who network are on LinkedIn, gave me their top tips in getting the best out of LinkedIn. This article was originally written by HubSpot and I have added my 2 cents worth along with what helped them build their network.

In order to keep your clients and fans, I have found that simple things like Appreciation as a Secret of Success is the real secret to keeping them. Here’s the article of which I know you will find it helpful.

Six ways to show your appreciation
Here are six ways to show your appreciation, the Where Magazine, and got the idea of a Tipping Guide for people who may have helped you.

Kindness can create prosperity for your runs along the lines of Appreciation, implementing Kindness into your business culture. It was original written and posted in May 2007. Can you believe it, and it is still revelant today.

The next list or related articles on this site is an Archive list, I created so you can easily find the posts..I have well over 200 posts, not counting the pages here on this site. I hope that you have the time, or will take the time to read some of the posts related to Relationships, Marketing, Social Media and the like.

This ought to keep you busy reading for a few days, if you enjoyed this article share it. I write a lot about relationships, marketing and small businesses.

Until next time, Enjoy!

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