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8 Ways to sabotage your B2B Relationships

8 ways to sabotage your B2B Relationships that will leave you up the creek without a paddle, is running like one, like the one you just left behind.

As I write this, it’s based on a situation that is so prevalent to small business owners, they want to be the CEO, make their business large and through their own growing pains, they have trouble scaling the growth that they face.

One of the things, I have learned about myself is that I love Social Media, I do my own, I however do not want to do it for other companies. I am happy to help by getting them started or show them how it is done, just not doing it for them. There are certain things that business owners or management needs to understand. It is your voice that that can only speak for your company. If you do decide to outsource it or get some help, you have to co-operate with the person or company that you hire do the job. i.e. Social Media

Many times working in the corporate world our hands are tied, we are given a title, a job description and then no authority. Why? Because management still wants to control everything. This has been more than just my experience, also I have heard from other people about their experiences. Now you have your own business, yet you have forgotten about your frustration working in this kind of environment and yet you run your business like it. It’s a great way to sabotage your working relationships and friendships with people.

When I am asked if I would do Social Media for companies, I give them my proposal, and ask for a meeting and an agreement. What has happened, in a couple of situations is – someone whispers in the CEO or decision makers ear and says, I can get someone cheaper or say, we don’t want you to do this, as we want to be in control. Well, being in control is one thing, if you want to grow, you as the owner/manger need to allow people to do their work and make recommendations. If you decide that you don’t like what is going on have a meeting. Figure out what is going to work.

Here are 8 things that will sabotage B2B relationships:
1. By not listening or paying attention
2. By not taking action or making a decision
3. By putting down people so you can feel better
4. Wasting talent and help because you don’t want to deal with the situation
5. By not giving people the tools in which they can get the job done properly
6. By blaming the people who have your best interests in mind thus you don’t take in the valuable advice or recommendations you are given
7. You change your mind and don’t take responsibility for it
8. You don’t give the person you hired, with no authority or budget they need to complete the job or project
9. Don’t hire someone else and tell your lead person they now have to coordinate with this new person

Sounds like another corp job, doesn’t it? This happens all the time. This is what it means when you don’t agree to a plan, and re-visit the project as you go along. Instead you sabotage the working relationship, whether this is conscious or unconscious.

Kindness and sincerity will always save relationships.


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