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Are You in Fear’s Bucket?

Are you in Fear’s Bucket? Have you been struggling and don’t down how to get out?

Over the past few days I have witnessed how relationships, struggle with money, with communication with each other. How often do we jump into the Fears’ Bucket.

If you are fearful, you will become frozen or you won’t move forward especially when you are called by God or whatever you call it. God tells us that it is our time to shine, by putting people in front of you to show you how. God calls us in a wide variety of ways..if we do things only for money and not because we feel good about it, this will work against us. When we are called to do something, we just have to take a few deep breaths, move forward with love knowing that every thing will work out.

Sometimes, when our partners want to control everything, like get a job or I don’t want you to do this or’s their own fears that they may lose you, or if your partner starts to yell at you, it’s about their own fears and disbeliefs.

We all have free will, are you in the Fear Bucket or are you ready to just be of service by sharing your wealth or knowledge? Are you taking classes and learning “how to do?” Start preparing yourself for your success. Take your Free will and break free. Do what you are called to do or be. Ask God for help.

As a child we have wished for many things – what did you dream about as a child? Maybe you still do. What steps are you taking towards your dream? It doesn’t have to be about making money, maybe is volunteering your time, maybe it’s about teaching others how to do something.

As a child my parents fought, I got picked on..and my dream was why can’t we all hear each other? We all just want to be heard.

Heart@Work’s purpose/miission is to create events to help people to be heard. I did lots of little gigs, promoting someone else in getting their sales training with students ready to learn. By connecting people together – then in 2000 & 2002 I produced “Kindness Conferences” The focus was for workplaces to be kinder. I had no idea how or who I was going to call to pull this together to do this conference.. I did it with the help of God. Asking God to just put the people in front of me.

From 2009 – 2010, I produced Sedona’s 1st Social Media Conference, Twitter networking groups, Women’s networking groups…

Rather than just producing events for other people, I am going to produce my own events, like Kindness Speaks.

Am I in my fear bucket? I may get scared, I am not in fear becasue I have God that keeps me in love, harmony, peace, all it takes is a few deep breaths and I am there.

You can too!


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