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Are you Procrastinating?

Are you procrastinating? If you are, you are experiencing stress, anxiety, a sense of guilt and crisis, health problems, and severe loss of personal productivity.

Mortylefkoe, Procrastation

Procrastination also gives you social disapproval for not meeting responsibilities or commitments. These feelings combined may promote further procrastination. While it is regarded as normal for people to procrastinate to some degree, until it becomes a problem.

Procrastination, happens to the best of us.

Most of the time the problem arises, when you realize that you aren’t getting anything done. Perhaps the revenue isn’t flowing in as fast as it should be, perhaps you have to confront someone and you would rather not, so you procrastinate about speaking with them or doing anything about getting more sales. We seek out help, take a webinar, a class soon we have become workshop junkies. It comes to a time where we need to take action and put into action what we have learned.

For example, I’ve been working on a big project, I finally got an advisory team together to help me. One of the meetings, Jan just said, to me “When are you going to get this done? What are your deadlines? When is this going to happen?” There is always time for research, practice, testing however there are times to just get things done.

If you are a perfectionist, procrastination can be associated.. together. Perfectionism tends to be a workaholic.. we are always trying to perfect things. I like to think of myself as a recovering perfectionist. As I recognize that just getting started, setting myself deadlines and having a list of accomplishments help me the most.

I have also found Tapping to be one of my great tools or solutions to remove my blockages of not getting what I want. Tapping, is just a process of lightly tapping on your meridian points to release what is blocking your from whatever you want to have or do or be. I started tapping many years ago, taught my friends to do it, then I just went onto something else. I rediscovered tapping this year as I’ve been working on releasing my blocks to receive money.

This may shock you, I could not believe the pain and being ashamed, my fears that were stopping me to ask for what I want, Whether it’s the sale, the relationships or just peace and love.

Since it has helped me so much, I’ve decided to offer some sessions in a group or individually. I’ll be posting some video’s about this. As well as helping you get more sales and marketing.

A friend of mine said to me this morning, “If you don’t do your marketing on a consistent basis you don’t get results.

Bingo!! you got it!

She’s been running around to meetings, having conversations, just not doing any marketing. Then what happens, she’s in a panic about not having anyone registered for her workshops, or meet up meetings. Procrastination sets in, then it’s panic and then shame pops it’s ugly head.

If you are faced with Avoidance…Distractions,… Putting things off.. Laughing it off, of what you have to do.. Denial.. or just being Lazy. Then I can help you overcome your procrastination.


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