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Are you Trustworthy?

Are you trustworthy, building trust is so much more important now especially in the digital age. Whether you are helping your community or for your business.

Take for example community events and helping other people who need it, they may not a have a voice and need your help. As they too need to get the word out just as much as a small business person. 

Then there is the part about developing relationships with each other.  If there is mistrust between all parties then it’s going to take some time to heal or to cross that bridge.

If people trust you, then the revenue will flow to the business.  Let me start with the business owner to wants to get more sales, or more people to follow them online.  

Here are 10 pointers, to get you started.

1. Start with your website, does it convey what you are offering? Does it give a reason for a person to say, “I want to know more?”

2. Can visitors find what they are looking for easily?

For example: On my Sedona Pie site people couldn’t find the shop part of the shopping cart. Turns out the SHOP wasn’t on the menu. Oh, boy! (Considering I paid someone to make sure it all worked). My fail.

3. Does it show your HEART? Do you provide Honest, Exclusive, Accurate, Relevant and Timely, information.

4. Is it alive and kicking? Do you add content to keep it fresh.

5. Have you reviewed the links to make sure they are working? Not having links to an unrelated site. Food to a poker site. No 404 error pages.

6. Have you used good grammar and spelling? Errors give the impression of carelessness.

7. Have you published real testimonials and endorsements – with people’s names, or their current picture or a link if they have one.

8. Have you got a “about us” or me page that shares why you are doing, what you are doing and why. People want to know they are working with a real person, not a bot.

9. Do you have photos, included with your pages and posts?

10. Do you have a “Contact Us” page, that a person could reach out if they want more information. Any other legal letters like a privacy agreement, or a Shopping policy, Terms of Agreement and Affiliate links.  Be open about earning a commission via an affiliate link, tell them or give an explanation.

Building trust works by developing the relationships with the people you work with or for.

Are you being open and receptive with others around you? 

For example, I was coaching this guy who wanted to meet someone, a partner – he had been on his own for a long time. He said, he was rather shy and didn’t know how to go about it. He went to a bar, asked the manager if we would be willing to let him host a meet and greet for gay guys. Sure. Monday evenings was the night set. Over time, he met someone and they started to date. 

Do you believe in yourself? 

For example, Woody Allen recalls the exact moment when he 1st believed he could make a film. He was eight years old, watching Tyron Powers in The Black Swan. He remembers thinking to himself “Hey, I could do this.” This wasn’t a revelation that sent him out to buy a movie camera – it planted a seed, a seed to call that said “I am capable of telling a short story this way.”  

Do you have confidence in yourself?

If not, start saying to yourself “I am enough.” It’s a Marisa Peer movement. She believes most people don’t think they are enough. 

Do you ask for help? Or do you always just do it yourself and resent the other people who aren’t pitching in to help you.

For example, I used to do everything myself without any help, after awhile I realized that I was doing all the work and no one would offer to help me. Why? Because I said I didn’t need any. The resentment grew, I had to learn how to ask for help. Once I did, everything became easier and more fun

Everything in life is about your relationships, that’s why we network, go on dates, meet people for coffee, for lunches and social gatherings. We all do this to meet people,  whether it’s for life partners, establishing clients, friends, employees, co-workers or strategic alliances. 

How do you show you really care? What warm and fuzzy thing do you do to refresh this wonderful relationship? After all the effort to engage someone to establish a relationship, what do you do then.  Do you give them a call or invite them out for coffee or work together on a project at work.

This seems to me this step is where most people drop the ball. I call it a strike #1.

For example: People will start to fall out of ‘like’ with you anywhere from a week to three months. When  people start to fall out of ‘like’ with you or your company you need to find out why. Was there something you said, or didn’t do. Was it a call, send them information, or you were going to introduce them to someone else or arrange a meeting.

Which is a greater loss for you, your reputation or your considerations for not following up.  It’s all about Relationships, people will stay where they feel valued and appreciated. Period!  

People will trust you if you don’t gossip about people negatively. If you have friends that do gossip in a negative way to you about others, ask them not to do this. Be willing to risk the relationship. #Alwaysbekind

Be kind

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