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Are you walking your Talk

Are you walking your Talk, three ideas in how to hire and train your employees.
Some employees say that they aren’t be trained properly. Are you having a hard time hiring the kind of people that you want to work with, and do they want to work with you. Here are some suggestions to think about from other business owners.

Ruben Garcia
It helps to create an attractive culture that you can communicate to prospective employees and paint them a picture of their future with your business. Long term employment, promotions, benefits, vacations, bonuses, retirement planning is one aspect.

John E Anderson
Good employees are “developed,” not “found” !! Hire based on your evaluation of a candidate’s personality rather than their skill level. When you find “good” enthusiastic people, hire them, and begin training them immediately and continue to do so throughout their term with you. It does require some investment, but what is more costly, employees you train and they leave, or employees you don’t train, and they stay !!!

Deepak Kotecha, O.D.
I have a mantra that has helped me over the years. There are four steps involved.
1) Hire good people. Put some time into it. Don’t just interview, test.
2) Train them well. If you skimp on this step, it’s your fault if they screw up.
3) Allow them to do their job. Give them what they need and mostly stay out of their way.
4) Require them to do their job. Check their work before it leaves the store (especially at first). Hold them accountable. Another thought for lower wage workers. Pay them what they are actually worth to you. If they are doing a good job for you, don’t stick with the prevailing minimum wage in the area or someone else will offer them a quarter more an hour and they are gone.

Once you have hired them what steps are you going to take to keep investing in them. What do they ask for? Are you willing to deliver to “whatever” to them? The workplace culture is so delicate, thus it’s important to think about how are we serving them as much as serving the customers you have.

Often the owners, shareholders need to step back to take a look at where they are going and are we really creating a value based legacy.

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