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Best Practices for Creating a Community

Here are a few best practices in creating a community for your business or yourself.

Creating a community means several things for people..Communication is very important, this is the first step in creating any relationship with another person.

One of the first things you want do is just to sit down with people and listen, hear what they have to say, when you listen you are helping yourself to understand them better they will begin to feel more supported, heard, and important.

Hug people around you, we all could use that physical touch. I remember meeting someone for the 1st time, and after we stood and talked for awhile I asked for a hug, The guy said to me, “You life dangerously..some people don’t like to be that close.” my response back was, “I would rather live dangerously, and share my Love than not..” How is it that I am living dangerously?

You’ve got to have friends.

Everybody needs friends to share are celebrations, our sorrows, our joys, stress and even grief. Friends can be made in a minute. at the restaurant entrance was this sign that said, ” Strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet!” This was quotes by Will Rogers. I love this quote..

Most people want the same things..friendship, Love, feeling connected to their local community. There is a FaceBook community, local and offline friends, there is our family. There are many bonds that hold us together, you just need to find where your tribe is.

One Community One Family One World.

We just need to reach out and find each other to discover how much the same we really are. Sure we have different characteristics, talents, personalities, all in all we just want to be loved and feel like we belong. Start inviting people to join you, wherever you are and hang out. People will be appreciative that you took the time out.

I was sharing with a friend today, that I just want to plop myself down in a community and get involved with people. Have an address, or place I call home. She said, “ Wherever she goes it’s home.” It’s all what we make it. If you want to create a community, we just need to communicate what we want, gather up our friends and start serving. We’ll then become a community with one family and one world.

What do you want?

We are connected and bonded by this thing called life. Isn’t human spirit a great thing?

We all want to be appreciated in what we do. If it is a Hug, or a Thank you or you can nominate someone for a Kindness Hero Award. Yep, it’s that time again. Accepting nominations until October 31, 2012.

Thanks for reading and listening…


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