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Building Relationships with Video

Building relationships with Video, offers you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and add your own personal touch.

Most people fail to do follow-up. after you meet someone at a networking meeting on or offline do you send them a note or card to thank them? The follow-up is the key to begin your relationships with them, even if you don’t see yourself going further with the relationship in business or friendship, it’s still nice to drop them a note.

Relationship development can start with a video message which can overcome that awkwardness of beginning of a relationship after your note and nurture the connections until it turns into one of comfort and trust. As you have heard that when someone likes and trusts you, then people will start to buy from you. And you must have this like ability and trust factor before you can start promoting your product or service.

How many times have you gone to a networking event and people almost start immediately to want to sell you what they do. They haven’t learned yet that this doesn’t work. Think about it. The reason we go out networking to see our new friends again, to meet new people. Imagine if you could shorten the get to know you process?

Video E-mail
Have you ever received an video e-mail? Did you feel a little more connected to the person that sent it to you? You likely appreciated it as it left a feel good feeling or a positive impression. A video e-mail gives you an opportunity to meet the person you met at the networking meeting again, it allows you to share your contact information and because it is a personal message you have just shortened the relationship factor.

Many experts say 55% of a message’s impact come from visual stimulus, 38% from what is heard and 7% from the words.

People that use video in their relationship building leave a better impression, and there are many ways you can use video creatively. When a non-for-profit shares a story of how their services have helped a child or other person, then people are more likely to get contributions.

Large organizations can’t always follow up, like the Chamber of Commerce or BNI or other networking groups so sending out a video e-mail sharing about their events, what happened or upcoming event the open rates will be higher. And an increase in attendance. Why? Because people really crave the personal attention. Because you have updated them with a personal message it has a higher response rate.

Share your expertise
Some of my clients use video to educate their potential clients using what it called the 10-10-4 method.
✓ They make 10 videos to educate their clients/audience about their business or use the frequently asked questions they receive and answer them in a video
✓ They make 10 videos of the questions that people should be asking them
✓ They make 4 videos letting consumers know how they can take advantage of their services

It may not take you 24 video’s before people buy from you, however the touch points are important for the relationship you want to establish.

Start today by creating your video messages and sending them out to people you meet and know. They’ll appreciate you even more and you’ll begin to build your relationships with ease.

This article was originally written in 2010, the rules still apply in 2020, ten years later. Now you can create a voice message, especially with LinkedIn. Many of us have the little microphone graphic, that will say record here.

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