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Collaborating is the Future in Business

Collaborating is the future in Business, for networking to be successful. Women’s International Networking is offering connecting and collaborations for women.

Many businesses have used social media networking sites to successfully sell their products, develop key business relationships, conduct research and meet many other business objectives.  Many businesses seem to have more success using these sites than they do with collaboration networks, which may at first suggest that they are more appropriate to their business models.

However, probably the biggest reason why social networking sites such as Facebook have become such an asset to companies is that they have such a big following.  The question businesses need to be asking themselves is whether or not these models are really appropriate for their business and whether or not?  Is a better alternative?

Collaboration is the future, going to be a much more important tool for businesses in the future as they try to solve complex business problems or create relationships with companies in related industries.  The problem is that social networking became so popular with the introduction of MySpace and then Facebook that everyone seemed to jump on the bandwagon, including big corporations.

Many businesses never realized that social media may have outlived its usefulness for achieving their business objectives (or are only sticking around because social media communities are where all of their colleagues and customers are congregated).  Progress in online business networking has hit a roadblock that probably won’t be surpassed until businesses realize that there is probably a better solution for successfully meeting many of their business objectives since the sites that were originally designed primarily for social interaction. WIN is using the mighty networks to host their organization. It’s a Global Community of Women Helping Women Live Our Best Lives.

Businesses typically find it difficult to do work on social networks because as they try to speak with their business contacts they often have to sort through irrelevant materials such as discussions about the new girl at the bar or the pictures from their vacation in Bermuda.  This becomes a waste of time and resources for businesses and many are getting less out of it as social media becomes larger and creates more noise for them to have to sort through.

Many networking advocates suggest that businesses need to move away from social networking entirely, but this is not true.  Social networking sites can be a very successful solution for marketing and researching demographic information about their customers.

However, they are not helpful for managing projects and may be a difficult for business-to-business networking.  Instead, companies should try to move on the next revolution for doing business successfully over the internet, which is going to be collaborating.

I’d like to invite you to our community, WIN community. It takes less than a minute to join and together we’re sharing our stories, experiences,  ideas and of course collaborating with each other.

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