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What is a Community Manager?

What is a community manager, they may serve a variety of roles depending on the nature and purpose of their online community.

Patti Anklam has asserted that “Every network has an underlying purpose” and motivations for such network creation include; Mission, Business, Idea, Learning or Personal. She claims such leaders hold the collective vision, create and manage relationships and manage collaborative processes. Anklam does not distinguish a fundamental difference for these roles as related to the varying purposes of network, (i.e. community), creation. Your community could be a Facebook group, Local community events, Potlucks, Book Clubs, Festivals, Networking meetings, your Social Business. **According to Wiki

A Community manager needs to provide leadership and engage in co-operation is also needed. With a sense of belonging by developing, conversation, possibilities, commitment, connection and loyalty are sown. With caring, sustainability provides a breeding ground for sacrifice and unselfishness.

When I was in my spiritual services on Sunday, I got this story from what Rev Janet shared..about the Queen Bee, all she does is form a hive and all the other worker bees follow her. How does she do this? What do the worker bees want from her?

As a Queen Bee or Community Manager your role is to provide value, help others of whom you are serving, providing the space for people to share, uplift other people, develop relationships with your followers, share your story, upload pictures, testimonials, ask questions, don’t be afraid to share and listen to what they are asking or commenting on.

Ready to become a Community Manager?

Start small, start a networking group, or a Facebook or LinkedIn up the space for people to engage with you. The real thing, is to make friends by developing a relationship with your followers and participants. Find out more information about each person on a personal level. Ask each person to invite other people to the group. When we can be relevant, engaging and have fun we will be successful.

The best way to get started as a community manager is to become one, by maintaining and sharing the good cheer for our own brand, which is ourselves.

It doesn’t matter how many social networks you use it’s about uplifting other people in your networks..share their content, Tweets, write about them, engage in conversation with them. Today is your chance to get started…Tuesday is Tweet day..
RT other people’s tweets, share other people’s content, introduce new people to your following.. I like using Hootsuite and then there is TweetDeck and you can also just use your own Tweet News Stream.

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