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Creating a Nurturing Drip Campaign

Creating a nurturing drip campaign is important to your customers. Your audience will love you for this..growing better relationships for your business

Using drip campaigns on a consistent basis this is usually used to nurture your leads. Most often your messages are delivered via e-mail because of a short-term around. Each of your messages are sent out in a campaign to build upon each message. It encourages a specific action that you want the person to do.

Often the messages you send out will be about education, testimonials, upcoming events, contests feel good things to help you move them from warm to very warm to hot. Drip campaigns are a very efficient way to meet your audience.

Here’s what you need to do:
1. Define your goal – what are you trying to achieve and what is the end in mind you want your prospect to do.

2. Content is King – once you have fleshed out the content you want to use, then you can figure out, your timing and how often you are going to deliver your messages.

3. Create a message map – brainstorm some ideas to determine the key messages that you want to convey to your recipients. Secondly figure out what real-life examples you can use to illustrate these messages.

4. Begin the process to create your messages. Be sure they are not the same message each time you send out one. This will determine how many messages you will be sending out.

5. Decide what format you will use, letter style, newsletters, videos, postcard size, Don’t limit your self to one. Because people learn from different formats. Since I discovered video e-mails, my response factor is higher, it delivers a personal message like I am in front of them having a conversation.

6. Develop your campaigns to suit your audience and groups. You may have a group who are clients or advertisers or leads, you will want to deliver different messages for each of these groups.

7. Use social media to help you drive people to your messages. Use it to entice people to opt-in to your campaign. Deliver more relevant, targeted content to specific segments of your audience. Like, you may offer a Free listing to a business if they subscribe to your newsletter or blog. You may offer a Free Podcast to another segment that speaks to their pain.

8. Campaign Performance – you’ll want to watch, test and find out which campaigns work the best so you can deliver better content for a particular audience. Did they open and watch your video, did they forward or pass it along to someone else how many times did they watch it. What percentage of an increase did you or are you getting.

Video messages
One of my campaigns, I created a video e-mail to promote a Webinar, out of 94 video e-mails that I sent out, 50% of the people watched them, 5 people said they loved my personal message to them, this worked out to be about a 10% conversion rate, of those who attended my webinar.

If you decide to use Video as your tool of choice you can use it for your follow-ups, giving a recommendation, a referral, a subscribe button on your site, promote yourself as a speaker, share how you can help your audience, promote your events. The uses are only limited by your imagination.

Updating this from 2011 to 2020 Video’s are the craze now.. some other ways besides using an email to nurture your subscribers is to offer a gift, great content and develop programs for their greatest pain or challenges.

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