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Creating a Social Buzz

Creating a Social Buzz, what is Social Buzz? When I think of creating a social buzz I think of the messages that I am sending out what’s important that I want people know about.

Kindness For All

Creating a Social Buzz has to be about something that feels good to you to share and participate in. You can create Buzz simply by sharing your stories, joining a collaborative group of people, help each other, get involved in activities with as much full participation as you can. It’s about being the messenger. It’s also an opportunity to collaborate.

If you are going to participate in groups, be sure that you do participate – most of the time you’ll find lurkers, or people who just listen. Listening is great this is how we learn about opportunities..however, we really need to jump in and promote and DO when we have said, YES! I’m in.

As you know, I’ve got this book Kindness@Work, 11 other contributors who participated in sharing their story of how kindness has made a difference in their lives. I would say only 40% of the contributors are fulling engaged in creating a social buzz about the book. Why is this?

I have to look at myself and say, what is missing? Is there something I could be doing better to get them involved? Maybe or maybe not. I am learning I am not responsible or accountable for someone else’s behavior nor can I fix the situation. As long as I am leading and fully participating then this is all that counts.

Social Buzz is cause’s about sharing each other’s content, making things happen. What’s important to find someone who is willing to partner with you about sharing with you? Are they responsive? Friendly or personable? Willing to work with others? Conversational? Are they relationship based? Willing to share? There are many more things that you may want to consider before you join up with people to help you to create a Social Buzz for your message.

Remember, if you want to create more buzz, then what’s in for everyone to participate..One person cannot carry the load and then you expect great results to happen.

Magic happens when people come together and share your posts, contest, drive people to your cause or home base, offering Bonuses, or exclusive deals to everyone, encourage feedback, comments and suggestions. Thank your Cheerleaders for their support and keep them updated. Once you have mapped out your strategy, then get everyone on board to execute it.

Have fun!


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