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Discovering Your Key Audience

Discovering your Key Audience is easier when you use Social Media as it’s ease of use, with a low cost to get started using it and it’s mostly free.

Except you need to view your time and productivity. If you are anything like me, before you know it you find yourself on Facebook for an hour and you really only had 20 minutes.

The results in reaching out to your key audience, does produce results when you work with a group of people like a tribe..not only will you lean how to be more effective using the variety of tools, you will be enhancing your business’s visibility. This looks like more reviews, higher rankings, more friends, fans and followers and then your are becoming seen and heard.

Did you know that 65% of people use the internet to find business information? That your about page is the most visited page on your site?

Being flexible…

While I have been networking, I’ve been asking for Speakers and well as Non-profits as a way for people to know who they can refer to me. Quite a few times, speakers have asked me can you get me speaking engagements too? This is a whole different market, however, until a day or two ago, I didn’t have a way to help those who want me to help them get speaking gigs. There are many speakers bureaus out there that you can get listed a directory it doesn’t work very well unless you work it.

Now, I can go back to those speakers who want I have found a way to help them. When we are promoting something, rather than saying no, it’s a good thing to say Yes or think about how you can service an audience that wants attention.

Now that I have converted Heart@Work into a Event Production Company, I’ve been writing down and meeting with people who want to collaborate with me.. or maybe they’ll just provide a service to me when I need it. It’s just a lot more fun when you can collaborate together, more ideas flow and you get to realize of how much you actually do have in common.

  • If you are having trouble finding your key audience sit down and brainstorm some ideas with people
  • If there is someone who is asking for help from you call them up and ask what they really want
  • Pick a key audience and play with it, to see if you get a response, if you don’t change it
  • Volunteer and hang out with people, you’ll maybe discover something new
  • Be consistent with your messaging and networking
  • Find groups that speak to you, and hang out go to their meetings a few times get to know the people. It’s about the relationships that your grow and develop

I hope this helps you to find your key audience… don’t be shy and leave your comments or suggestions on my Facebook page.

Mari-Lyn Harris

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