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Do people like you?

Do people like you?  Our relationships shouldn’t be taken for granted, this is why we need to pay more attention to our trusted relationships.

How many things have people done for you? I am not writing about the simple acts of kindness, like opening the doors for you, or sharing a smile, or buying you a cup of coffee – it’s the kind of things like giving up a cab for you in the rain, or driving someone home when it’s out of your way, or someone pays for your cab ride and not expecting payment back. I used to work for friends, I lived on the other side of town, and I would work New Years Eve for them. They paid for my cab, I was helping them and they were helping me.

For trusted relationships mean to reach out to your customers or friends on the Social Network space by calling them up out of the blue, emails to wish you a happy holiday, or you taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with you anyway. we need to develop more one on one relationships with people, not only our customers also other people we work or network with.

Social media has given us a way to stay in touch so much easier now. By delivering a whole bunch of heart felt messages or conversations you will have better relationships.

How can you get started? When you speak to them ask them about their family, what they do, extend an invite to join a group or a local networking event. As they talk as for ideas, it’s just conversation, eventually the relationship starts to blossom.

Did you know that, the more people who read and post information about their products and service on social media groups and see that you are sharing information, they will become more influenced by you. They’ll begin to ask you questions, ask for feedback or give you suggestions. When there is more sharing 3% of the people who read your information will become influenced. It’s care first and not sell first.

The time you spend on social networking is to help you to create brand ambassadors for yourself. You don’t want to leave any interactions behind. Your willingness to show that you care is important.

Thank people for re-tweeting your conversations or mentions or following you. Ask question or help them if they are looking for help. If you are on Facebook, like their comments, or share their content, only if it speaks to you. Engage in conversations, when you look on your news feeds people are sharing all kinds of stuff, quotes, videos, stories, or questions. Be sure to add your comments or suggestions. You want to be personable, maybe just not too personal.

You want to everyone to know who you are as a friend and neighbor.


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