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Don’t Ever Forget to Say Thank you!

Don’t Ever Forget to Say Thank you! Keeping-in-touch fosters stronger and better relationships that can possibly lead to more referrals and opportunities.

Put it into practice now – why wait?

I have asked the people I network with to submit articles to me relating to relationships, Social Media Marketing, collaboration and the like. When I asked Carol jumped on the chance to submit an article.. here it is..

Saying ‘thank you’ to your clients, advocates, friends, family—in essence- your entire network is always in style.

Did you make a New Year’s resolution that sounds something like this? “I will stay on people’s radar screen daily—with a simple thank you, showing my appreciation or staying in touch.” If so, how are you doing with it?

Keeping-in-touch fosters stronger and better relationships that can possibly lead to more referrals and opportunities.

Competition is alive and well and whatever you do to sincerely stand out from everyone else can be helpful in earning or keeping the business or getting that opportunity you want.

I have always been a huge advocate of sending personalized, hand-written heartfelt notes and keeping up the ‘high touch’ in a high tech world. Always having special interest types of cards and notes is the added bonus in that your recipient knows you really took the time to think of them specifically.

Put Thought into it – Write a short note expressing your sincere thanks and be specific. Be sure to include details from a conversation or a chance meeting.

An unexpected note that arrives in the mail always stands out. Make it stand out even more, hand-address the envelope and apply an old-fashioned stamp!

Often it takes up to twelve ‘touches’ before you make the sale or get an opportunity to meet with your prospect or client.

Stay top of mind with frequent and sincere communication that brings a smile to their face.

It all lies in the POWER to connect and stay in touch:

Put it into practice now – why wait?

Opportunity is everywhere – keep your eyes and ears open to new thoughts and ideas. Listening is the one skill that few people take time to develop, however, professional networkers know how important this skill is to building relationships. It’s those little things that matter, a slight change in the tone of a voice while speaking or an off-the cuff comment about something happening in their life – remember it and honor it.

Write your notes, hand-written notes that are sent via snail mail (help the U.S. Postal service stay in business, in addition to surprising your contact with a hand-written note!) With today’s technology, few people take the time to do this and you will definitely put a smile on the recipient’s face!

Everyday send a card or note to someone in your sphere of influence. Showcase the fact that you truly care about building solid relationships. Send them an article you think they might be interested in and definitely send a note of congratulations if the situation warrants it! Don’t waste any opportunities you may have to reach out and touch them!

If the person in your network is on LinkedIn, visit their profile and write a testimonial for them. What a delightful surprise they will have when they receive an email asking them to approve what you wrote about them! I’ll bet you get a hearty thanks in return from them! Do you think that will help to keep you on the top of their mind? I do!

Relationships and referral opportunities will grow over time. Be patient and consistent – relationships are worth developing properly.

Written by Carol Deckert
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