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Facebook Lists

FaceBook Lists is the key to stay in touch with friends, business connections, customers..etc.

This is so much discussion about how Facebook isn’t working for people to stay in-touch with their friends, business connections and such that I decided to try something different.


One of the things I did on Saturday, I went through all my 1,200 friends to see if I was getting notified when they posted. I discovered that 90% of them I was not. I went through all my friends, checked off “Get Notified.” I also unfriended people that I really don’t know who they are, or people I don’t keep in touch with anymore. You can now delete lists. What this means is if some lists aren’t as important as the new ones you would like to create you can create a new list and add your friends to your lists.

This is how you do it..go to your Home page at the top, click on home you will then see on the left hand sidebar – groups, friends, favorites. click on FRIENDS. Like this:
Adding Friends To Lists

Then click on CREATE LIST.
Create Lists

Once you hit this button, you can name your can be Family, Cities/Countries where your friends live, Events/’s totally up to you. For example there are standard friend lists set-up for you already like the Acquaintances.

Facebook Acquantances

Once you hit learn more about lists this window will pop up.
What Lists Are
What’s so cool about these lists, is then when you add your friends to your lists, your lists are like groups only you know about who is in them. You can jump in, comment, like post something just for that group. you will receive posts which are notifications of what your friends are saying. Don’t forget to add them to your favorites. They will be easier to find.

Today, I had more activity from “Get Notifications, from my friends” than I have had for a long time.

Have fun!


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