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Generate Your Own Client Stimulus

From these few ideas, you can create your own client stimulus packages, they are great ways to build relationships and get more clients.

Relationships that Build Your Business

As an Event Manager and Marketing professional, people are always asking for ways to have more clients. Most of the time you can take a look at what other companies, or verticals are doing and swipe the ideas. Once you do, then you can hire an Event professional to help you.

One of the many ways is to create events, take for example a Show & Tell networking meeting. I used to belong to a networking group, that every week a company would present their product and or service to the audience and then of course they would share some of the benefits of using their company. These networking meetings were on a Saturday morning.. and a large audience would show up every week. This would be great for a company who work with many companies.

Lunch and Learns, these are starting to become a little more popular..years ago companies would provide a speaker and lunch for it’s employees to learn about health, wealth, creating a lifestyle that would help their employees. You can do these easily as well. They are more educational based than sales based.

Create your own groups on LinkedIn and FaceBook, whether they are purely interest based or you want to join a group. If you create one, then you are seen as a leader. Besides networking, you get to learn from others in the group and even collaborate with each other.

Want to create a group? I met a gal Mara who was part of a Financial Services business and they once a month have Wine & Wealth evenings, where they educate women on their money, provide wine and snacks and there is a little networking after too! Now they have grown so much, they keep expanding, as it has proved very successful for them

These few ideas, can really help you to stimulate your own business. Build Relationships, get to know more people, and it’s a very important way to extend and provide outreach to your key audience.

When you are ready to do this, call an event planner to help you. Sure you can do it yourself, why not provide some business for someone else and they’ll relieve the stress from you, doing it all yourself.

If you have any ideas that you would like to share what you are doing, please by all means leave a comment below.


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