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Getting Social Media Referrals

Getting social media referrals, is using the social media, socializing with people will lead to getting referrals.

It is when you have set-up all your tools or spokes as I call them, by sending visitors to your website/blog. In one of my previous articles, I wrote about what a HUB is and how to make it work for you.

They are people who agree to give and get referrals. This is known as a “Conscious Relationship.” In other words you will need to ask how you can support your referral partners, either in giving referrals back, or if they would like something in return.

Sometimes, it’s making a recommendation, making an introduction, or paying a commission – you need to discover what their value is by working with you.

Now, I am going to help you develop a plan in getting Social Media Referrals.

Once you have figured out WHO you are going to serve, how do you want your referral partners to work for you?

Start working from the inside out, is your Website optimized?
1. Use Plugins that can help you get found – Google site maps, SEO, Pinging services
2. What are your keywords? Are you using them frequently?
3. Content is it the kind you want to give and your audience wants to read
4. Help them share your information with Share badges -“I Like this” – Bookmark me-[bctt tweet=”Getting social media referrals, is using the social media, socializing with people will lead to getting referrals.” username=”heartatwork”]this buttons
5. Ask your friends and neighbors to share your content with their friends
6. By providing your visitors with reliable, trustworthy, and resourceful content they will maintain loyalty and keep coming back time and time again
7. Have Opt-in forms on your site, so people can subscribe to a newsletter and a RSS link so people if they prefer want to subscribe to your posts.

Referral Partners come from these categories..write out a list of people of whom you are willing to ask to become referral partners with.

1. Affiliate partners – these will be affiliates with other companies
2. People who are willing to refer you business – could be friends
3. People you share cross links; or you collaborate with; exchange articles with
4. Clients as referral partners
5. People you Tweet with
8. People you are your friends on Facebook
9. Connections on Linkedin
10. Connections from people where you do business or know

For example, I have made a list of wedding planners in my local area, I’ve approached them about offering Wedding Pies as an alternative to cake..I had an open house and invited them to attend.

A couple of them agreed that they would offer wedding pies to their Brides as an option.

The next step for me is to keep them informed of other tastings and what’s happening with Sedona Pies and find out what they would like from me. (because Sedona is a small town, some of the planners already have their alliances or favorites who they refer to). My job is to keep them in the I don’t disappear from their radar.

My next step is to make a list of people who I would like to work with from all the networks that I belong to..I could ask for referral partners, make up a list of people and ask if anyone knows of an event planner.

This may take a few days, I suggest that you begin by writing out your list as well..we can do this together. Then we’ll go on to the next step


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