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Girlfriends you are not alone!

Girlfriends you are not alone! I’ve been speaking with many of my girlfriends, and most of them are saying the same thing, that “I” just really need some support and help to get done all the things I need to get done.

Mortylefkoe, Procrastation

If it’s not having enough money, or customers or time or the support to help me (us) move forward in my (our) business or extra projects that we all have going on. Plus, jumping into a bigger pond with our client base. Where do you find them?

While I was speaking to my friends I asked them, would a Mastermind group would be helpful? Most of us have been in a group at one time or another and have gotten so much out of being a part of one. I know I certainly have. From doing joint ventures, to co-creating with someone or simply just giving encouragement to people. The answer is: YES! It would.

Yes, we have friends that may or may not support our ideas or support what we are doing. Quite often I’ve been told I am doing it wrong. Who needs to be told this all the time? We each have our own path or journey to take and it just may look very different to other people. We are all at choice. If a friend wants to help us, and we feel not empowered or ready to take on the world then sometimes it just doesn’t work.

Since, I have facilitated Masterminded many times before, us girls sometimes just need another kind of support than what we get from our friends and family..I feel you’ll really get empowered and ready for action.

If you are wondering why I am even charging for this..I have found that when people are paying a nominal amount that they are investing in themselves, they’ll get more value out of it and are more likely to show up.

The Empowering Masterminding group will consist of 6-8 really need to be committed in attending. I know things and our schedules get the saying goes ** shit happens.** Your intention needs to be that you’ll show up for each meeting, other members are counting on you, just as much as you’ll be counting on them.

Well girlfriends, it’s time to get done and do what we are called to do. Are you ready?


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