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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, it’s more than going to a another holiday commercial sale. It’s to me about celebrating with friends, family and being grateful.

The words in the picture say it all!
There are so many people that I am grateful in my life for, people of whom I have learned life lessons from, people mostly who are strangers that have given me a place to live, friends and connections who refer me business and opportunities. Friends who have supported and encouraged me to move forward in my life. The kindness of all the contributors of the Kindness@Work ebook. In their stories of how kindness has helped them, of the legacy’s that have been created, the extra extension of hope, love and encouragement people have given each other.

I am grateful for all of you, who comment, who ask questions, who are willing to share my content with your audience, who have helped people in your everyday life, I THANK YOU!

My gratitude and wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving is true and heart-felt. Have a wonderful day..if you are hosting sure to extend your hand and invite someone to join you.

Thank you!

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