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Having Your Own Entourage

Having your own entourage is possible. There are many ways we can, the next few articles will help you to create it.


Seeking ways to do change making in your business or project? Alexa Clay wrote a great article 5 Tips for Growing Change Making Community Even though she, talks about Intrapreneurs -( these are people who are growing a company within a company).

It’s true doing something solo is harder than working with a group of people is much more powerful. When you think of entertainers, they have their groupies. When you think of someone who has a body guard will have their own entourage. How can we develop our own entourage?

How to begin to developing your own following, it’s about having your own entourage.

Give your information away.

I love what Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime of Marketing Genesis are saying about getting ready for 2014. Here are their 3 top things you can do to transform your business.

1. STOP selling information – people are overwhelmed with everyone selling USED information. Everyone is just flooded with all the information, so much so they aren’t buying your products or services. NO one cares what your products or information does.

2. QUIT telling stories about your product does. Don’t use someone else’s story. Use yourself to tell the story of how you can help your people your entourage.

3. Help people TRANSFORM their business. When you do people will talk about you, share how you have helped them.

Here’s a few more top articles to help you to TRANSFORM your business.

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