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How and Why Help Others?

How and why help others? It’s all about the little things that you can do that can help others. First of all you ought to do it because it will feel good, you will start to get into a new state of mind.

How To Win Friends Book

Do this then things in your life that you want to happen in your life will flow better. “Things go better with Coke Cola” Coke had this little song. It’s a frequency or energy which will produce the results after and better for you. Your wants and needs will come to you quicker.

You don’t need to wonder how it’s working or if it’s working or not. It just is. Everyone needs help, even you. Have you ever had a challenge that has come up in your life and you don’t know how to solve it or you call someone to have them just listen to you? That someone who you just called or asked for help and they helped you. You gave them opportunity to help you. Just like when you respond to someone to help them with whatever they needed or wanted. This is a Gift. A Gift of Giving.

This is one of the richest experiencing you can have. Giving of yourself without expectation of return.. Cheer people on when they have a dream or passion they want to pursue. Offer assistance if you can help them. Mentor. Teach. Write, share your expertise, offer a book or video that may help them. Or even give money as a tithe.

This is leading me to another topic of the importance of staying in touch with people who you are connected with. What I did in the month of July 2011, I spent a couple of weeks calling people who I am connected to on Linkedin and Facebook. It was my experiment, on the subject of “Quality or Quantity.” This is a very debatable question especially on LinkedIn.

Quantity – The wider the audience the more fish, however, everyone becomes a transaction, easier way to get a job or find someone who can do something for us. The people in this category may not really know us well. You’ll find OPEN Networkers in this category, and quite often some people don’t even want to communicate with you. You are just a number to their network. Are you really a resource or a connection for you?

Quality – Is when you have a small circle of people that you know and interact with. You all know of each other, some of you are closer than others. The relationship you have with these people do matter. They tend to want to stay in touch and communicate with you. Invading their privacy is not an issue.

It is obvious to me that from doing this experiment of calling people of whom I may not have actually been in touch with in a while that there was some resistance in receiving my call or a willingness to chat with me. Comments I got back were:  You ‘re invading my privacy. Don’t call me back again. How did you get my phone number? What do you want? I will say there were more people who wanted to chat than the ones who didn’t.

My intention was to see how I could help them or if I couldn’t was there someone that I could refer or introduce them to? Or offer some assistance.

The quantity perspective was, to me that most people who didn’t want to communicate with me, were not interested in a quality business relationship or least of all be a friend. That’s fine. I would end up just being a card or number in their rolodex. Do I want to be in this kind of relationship? NO.

What I recommend is to clean out all those connections that aren’t interested in even having a conversation and make room for someone else.

It’s like de-cluttering, when you make room or make space for something new in your life or business.. another door or another person will show up so you can receive something much better. Along the way you can help them and when the time is right, someone will help you.

My verdict on this one is Quality Wins!


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