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How Are You Boosting Customer Loyalty?

How are you boosting customer loyalty – to help my customers, I realized if they don’t have any sales or regular customers, they need help with sales.

Without sales, they won’t be interested in starting their own customer retention program, this is why I started the Sales Club. You’ll learn how to get referrals, how to get more sales, things you can do better to get more sales.

As you start to get the sales rolling in start developing your own system in retaining your customers.  The challenge for so many of business, they don’t realize that they have a problem of losing customers. Based upon many surveys 70 percent of customers say poor service caused them to take their business elsewhere. Why? Because if we aren’t engaging, and only out getting new customers than, we really don’t appreciate who we have now. Most large businesses lose half their customers everyone, and maybe think that they can just get more..after awhile it’s going to catch up with them. The bad recommendations and a lack of referrals will show up in their business.

How do I get business owners to look at having a customer retention program?  By educating then about the benefits of keeping them loyal to you. For example:

  • 67% customers will repeatedly buy from you
  • 57% will give referrals to friends and colleagues
  • 54% will be emotionally committed to the relationship
  • 46% businesses will experience a higher customer satisfaction
  • 44% customers will trust you on the high value you will provide them with
  • 32% will spend more over time

This documentation was a survey from December 2004 by CRMGuru

Five reasons why you want to have a program in place:
1/ Increased profitability
2/ Increased profitability / customer
3/ Increased revenues
4/ Increased the total number of customers
5/ Improved products and services

  •  If the place you bought your car from had a club and provided valued added services, would you join?
  •  If your local coffee bar has a coffee card which gave you extra perks to keep coming back, would you?
  • If your favorite Esthetician gave extra gifts with purchase, she gave great facials would you go back?

If you are ready to have results like this in your business, join the VIP Sales Club..or give me a call and let’s get started with your own customer loyalty/retention program.

Take a moment to think about how your loyalty behavior is based on your current favorite companies where you buy goods and services. Can you use some of type of things they do in their business, that you can adopt.

Ask their opinion of your services and perhaps why they haven’t bought more from you or even ask those tough questions of what stops them from leaving a review for you.

I am sure that there are other questions you can think of. Do some research of what other businesses ask their customers to help you. The Net Promoter Score will give you an indicator of how well you are doing and where you need to improve upon.

When you show that you care, your customers will buy from you more.

I hope this has given you some ideas in having a better customer loyalty program that you can continue with. In time you will find way to improve upon it or maybe you’ll even not want to continue. Do measure how well you are doing.

Check out the Referral Circle for more sales.

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