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How Are You Making a Positive Difference?

How are you making a positive difference? This post is about the people who are doing something. The more good news the better.

Arianna Huffington announces her paper will have a Good News section..she said, the new section will shine to showcase inspiring, what’s positive, what’s working and what’s missing from the media. I think she meant what’s missing from the mainstream media. I know there are many blogs and other people writing and sharing good news.

I congratulate her!

More good news

Good News Network was began by Geri Wies-Corbley and Tal Ben Shahar has a paid subscription

Victoria Hay a Publisher has a magazine of People and Possibilities

Right now I believe we are craving more positive news, things that confirm that we do live in a wonderful world. If we continue to listen and watch mainstream news we do start to feel dis-powered. We become hopeless, tired all the’s time to take our power back and start paying attention to what we watch, listen to and do.

When Heart@Work first began it was about changing our behavior, getting people to think without boundaries – being a Thought Leader pioneering the idea that if we changed our workplaces and the communities in which we live we could all be happier and have less friction in working with our co-workers..

Many studies have proved can find all the details in my White Paper.

We are embarking in writing a book on Kindness..just to give people hope and knowing we can change with world. It’s just simple Kindness, Sincerity and being thoughtful.

Overall, I believe we are the kind of people who do care..sometimes we just need reminders about how to be so and knowing that what we all do makes a difference.

In business you may feel that you can’t be too close or warm and fuzzy – there are many companies that have succeed in being all of these. You can too!

Here’s a few ideas in how you can begin to have better relationships, how to nurture your fans , clients and your family by using Kindness as a verb in your communications and actions to create a healthier and happier life.

How to create Economic Capital with Kindness

Keeping a Positive Attitude

How Kindness can make a Difference

Read about how Heart@Work has helped businesses through our Case Studies


Be kind, share good news
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