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How are you really inviting?

How are we really inviting sharing each others content or following people of whom we like or of who we say we support?

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The question is meant to help us to think about how are we really inviting people to us in our business. Do you really invite?

Let me share with you in how I got on this topic. The other day in my Mastermind group we were talking about how some people feel uninvited, even if we invite people to join us.

As we are setting up our announcements for meetings, networking, our courses and any other promotional stuff we have going on, we are inviting people to attend.

For a Women’s Networking Group I was one of the new incoming leaders. I spent several hours calling women on the list we were given to invite them to the next meeting. Some of them called back some didn’t..that’s usually the way it works. The following month I didn’t call the women and some were upset, that we didn’t call them to invite them to attend again. I thought to myself every month they get a newsletter and invitation goes out to via email. One gal, just said she wasn’t coming because she wasn’t other words we didn’t call her. I was a little shocked..the next time I saw her at a networking event, I invited her to come.

One of my Mastermind partners said, “That even though she has a list, and she invites people to her calls, otherwise she is finding people don’t really feel invited.”

There are many situations with a little more personal contact with people, people will feel more connected to us. Here’s some ideas of why you want to keep building relationships with your community.

Creating a community occurs one person at a time.

  • Get involved with a group or organization and start doing one on one’s. Whatever you are doing, you want to establish trust and rapport with people. We all need relationships in order to win allies, have people join our causes, support us, help us.
  • Relationships give us meaning and richness to our life both professionally and personally. There are many kinds of relationships..they are all important, even if they are to teach us something about ourselves. The more relationships/friends you have the better it is, be sure they are people who like and trust you.

How do you sustain relationships?

Staying in touch with people, some will be more often than can start by making 10 phone calls a day, 5 emails a day, mailing out Appreciation cards.. and some you will be in-touch more often.

Whatever you do, do it!

In closing this is from Arvind Devalia:
Dear God/Universe/Source (insert here whatever word you prefer), “Please impress upon me the vision of whom I am meant to be – reveal to me the bigger life you would have me live and undo the forces that keep me bound so that I might serve you more” – Marianne Williamson.


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