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How are your referrals working?

How are your referrals working? Recently, I joined Alignable, it’s very much an online networking platform meant to help you develop business locally.

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One of the new things they have is this referral event page in which you can share and recommend the people you are connected to on Alignable.
+ Offer your promotions
+ Share your recommendations
+ Ask and Learn
The ask and learn reminds me of the old LinkedIn, when you used to be able to ask questions and get answers.

Here’s an example of the Upcoming Local events..
See our upcoming local events

Heart@Work & Sedona Pies are recommended by the people we are connected to.
How Are Your Referrals Working?

If your referrals are working that will perhaps you ought to check out Alignable. Check out this local Word of Mouth promotion I posted.

Join me locally and start building your own local community.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mari-Lyn Harris

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