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How do you Appreciate Your Clients

How do you appreciate your clients and people in your life? We all need each other in order for us to grow, to maintain our businesses and our relationships.

Thank You

When you don’t hear from the people in your business it’s called Silence. This is quite often what our clients often hear from us besides our marketing messages.

We aren’t in the world alone, we are meant to be together – as a community keeping each other safe, communicating what we feel and why we appreciate all those that we care about.

One must be appreciative and have something authentic to offer.” It’s also where you take the time to really value and appreciate – give gratitude to those who really matter to you. It’s more than just saying “Thanks for a great job!”

For example, a jewelry store did a campaign and called the customers that recently made a purchase and to find out if there was anything else they could do for their customers. Each customer that received a call – 70% of them made another purchase. 30% didn’t buy again.

Appreciation is an investment to those who you value. Your benefactors will feel appreciated and will support you in being successful. This marketing strategy is the easiest to use and to implement.

By implementing your own Client Appreciation Event you’ll reap many rewards such as these:

• More desirable clients
• You’ll be more attractive to new clients
• Your business will flow easier and quicker for everyone
• More recognition
• Increased sales
• You’ll be providing more value to your fans, clients and people in your life
• More value the higher the fees you can charge
• More referrals will come your way
• More people with want to work with you
• Less push marketing

Here’s 7 ideas that you can to to appreciate people with:

  • Send them hand-written Thank you notes
  • Throw them an appreciation reception or dinner
  • Stop and call a few people every day and see how you can support them
  • Send them a coffee card with $5.00 on it
  • Find out how you can help them
  • Get them help with their errands if this applies
  • Bring them a dish or casserole or pie

What are your favorite ways to appreciate people?

Mari-Lyn Harris

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