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How to Create a Customer Retention Strategy

In creating a customer retention strategy, you need to know how to. Here’s ten ideas to get started.

It’s all about driving perceived value, whether it’s social, functional, quality, rational, emotional, trust, service or any combination of the above. You need to identify what the end result you want to have to occur. It’s important to identify what you want your customer to experience. This also becomes your brand experience and brand loyalty.

Here are ten questions as a guide as you develop your strategy to retain your customers:

1. What are your customers expectations and what will it take to exceed them?
2. What kind of things will make a difference in the eyes of your customers?
3. How can you grow your business with your customers now?
4. What kind of interactions do you want to have, from your customers?
5. Are there other ways of being that need or you want to change?
6. How loyal are your customers and how can you improve it?
7. What are your beliefs about customer retention?
8. How do you plan on earning their trust?
9. How do you plan on getting referrals from them?
10. How are you going to communicate with them?

The questions are meant to help you think about what you are going to offer and do for your strategy. The better you are prepared, the better you will be able to respond rather than reacting to a situation where your customer isn’t happy.

Whatever you decide that will work for you, make it simple. We sometimes make it more complicated than it needs to be.

Your customers need you to be there for them, otherwise they will find someone else or somebody else to care for them.



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