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How to Create a Successful Community

How to create a successful community, are about excitement, engagement, relevance and participation. The purpose is to bring together people for engagement.

“The goal of a successful community design is to bring out the community’s own internal direction, character and energy..what makes them successful over time is their ability to generate enough excitement relevance and value to attract and engage members..nothing can substitute for this sense of aliveness.” *Cultivating Communities of Practice, 2002

When I look at many groups on Linkedin, there are some very good groups and some do not have enough excitement or engagement and relevance. What has made the groups really good? People participate by asking and answering questions, sharing resources, being a friend and treating others as a friend. Adding value.

Imagine, if your business is able to deliver the goods, and is able to create this kind of branding online. You would have a successful community. Your brand reflects your personalty, your mission and the ability to nurture and sustain a broad community. Can you do it?

How can you create a successful community? These elements need to come together are, from Harvard Business School

✓ Free membership
✓ Room for growth
✓ Open dialogue between members of the community
✓ Let other levels of participation
✓ Focus on the value
✓ Combine the familiar and excitement

Creating an online community is not for the faint hearted. When you are inviting people to engage with you on your Fan page, on your blog, or in your programs, you really need to help create the dialogue with your members. Some groups start with a bang and die quickly; like my Mastermind Tribe on Linkedin. Why?

Is it because people are too busy? Don’t want to ask for help? Who knows? I haven’t been able to get that excitement back in the group, enough for the members to interact together. What do I do now? I acknowledge that it sucks. Now what?

What kind of culture makes up this group? A group that doesn’t need help, Trail blazers..loners. Some communities are vibrant and high in energy, what makes them so different?

The secret is in the sauce and it’s ingredient is: Engagement! How can we build engaging brands that support the collective nature, leave room for individualism for their members of online communities. This is the question we need to ask ourselves. What kind of on-line community do you want to build? Are we willing to stay for the long haul?

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