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How to Follow-up from Networking

How to follow up from networking.. it’s always a hot topic. How many times people fail to follow up after meeting someone at a networking event. 

This has amazed me too! I do follow-up even if it is just a quick Thank you. One thing I haven’t done in my follow up’s is giving a call to action, which Biba said “It’s a way to start developing a relationship with them”. The call to action could be asking them to subscribe to your newsletter, let them know you are dong a Webinar or free call, or offer a free-gift then leave them a message on Facebook as well. If they aren’t on FaceBook invite them to join you on line or to another networking meeting.

Otherwise,  why go to a networking event if you don’t even follow up with people you meet, even if they aren’t your customer, it’s just simple courtesy to say Thank you! it was nice to meet you or ask them if they would like to stay in touch. The people may never respond back to you, to say Thank you! What matters is that you do! It’s your brand your authentic self that is on the line.

On Linkedin, Danielle Mason asked this question “How do you follow up from a business networking event ?”  Here are some answers to her question:

Issa1) Day after send an email introducing yourself on how you met and mention something that you remembered about them pertaining to their interest or how you may be able to help and that you’ll give them a call to touch base. Make sure you put the event in the subject line.

2) Try to look for a way to help them or be ready to ask questions pertaining to how you can probably help them before calling them. If I could I usually do this step at the event.

3) Call them after the 2nd day and be ready to offer some genuine help if you could while also prepared on how to approach them on what you have to offer as a product or service.

4) Invite them to meet. 

5) Help them with something they need Introduce them to someone they can benefit from.

 Cher: I always contact the person(s) in attendance within 2 business days, introducing myself, briefly what I do, what I am looking for AND to get their interest ask them who they are looking for so that I may share my contacts

Carol Bookout: I usually do follow up to help me keep organized. I prefer to send emails just letting them know that I enjoyed meeting them (or talking to them if I already know them). I put their contact information in a directory intended for networking connections and I make a note of when and where I met them. I also make it a point to only put one name on each email and add something unique to each one so they don’t feel like they are receiving bulk mail. If they are someone that I want to connect with right away I make a suggestion as to when and where we can reconnect …. Or I invite a phone call … And of course I call them. I hate phone tag and so my first contact is email.

Mark Amtower: When I get a business card at any event, I look them up on Linkedin when I return to the office and offer to connect.

Stan Aaronson: It is crucial to follow-up should one want to build a relationship. A best practice is to send an e-mail message summarizing the conversation you had when you met face-to-face and then phone the contact to notify them of the e-mail message you sent them, on the off-chance your message was delivered to a folder other than the contact’s Inbox (junk, or spam). I call them.

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