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How to get more influence

How to get more influence in using Google+. Having more fans, people to wherever you are directing people to. This is why a Strategy is important in getting fans, leads and sales.


Google+ has become more attractive for people in business it more of a site for B2B, however studies are showing the we are using more P2P than any other category. A P2P is a Person 2 Person. We need to look at WHO we are reaching and WHO do we want to engage with. Let me share some ways in which Google+ can work for you.

+ Add a Google+ Badge on your site like:

+ Create your circles based on themes or interests..
My circles are people from different communities or groups such as Artists, Financial, Social Media, Marketing, get the picture in how to create circles. The reason I have them this way, is when something comes up on a certain topic I can just share it to that particular circle.

+ Use larger images not just thumbnail
Larger pictures work better on Google+, where on Facebook or your blog works better with pictures that are 2002 x 200 pixels.

+ Use #Hash tags
To find related posts and topics in your search and in your posts.
+ Use mentions
If you want to engage people to invite them to join the conversation your are having on your blog in in sharing a question- mentions are highlighting people from your circles. It’s like you are inviting them to join you.
This is what will happen when you post on Google +

+ Join communities and Hangouts
Just like in Facebook and LinkedIn have groups, there are over 50,000 communities on Google+

+ Create Hangouts
You can do a Hangout to educate your audience and then post it on your blog, it also automatically will be posted on your YouTube Channel. A hangout is a video-webinar. There is also a plugin you can add for a WordPress site.

+ Get acquainted with the new Google analytics Social Reports
+ Claim your Google+ Authorship
There is a plugin for this if you are using WordPress, when you do, it will show up on Google.
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These tips will help you to have more influence on Google+ which of course puts you into Google faster. What tips have you used and are working for you? Share what you have discovered.

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