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How to Get More Referrals

How to get more referrals, you want to get the kind that will grow your business. So, are you getting the kind of referrals you want to grow your business?


If not, do you have a plan of getting more customers and referrals?   Most business owners don’t.  If you are leaving getting more customers to occasional networking meetings or haven’t set up goals while you are networking. Read this:

  • The top 5% set goals and follow their plans
  • The top 10% set goals
  • The bottom 60% set their goals on a “Crisis Management” basis
  • The remainder 10% won’t set any goals at all.
  • The remainder 15% people don’t follow up

If you want more referrals and better relationships there are just the four steps, you need to make it all happen:

  • Commit to developing communication skills, in order for you to ask in a clear, concise way to motivate, inspire and instruct people of what you want
  • Commit to planning in getting referrals
  • Commit in taking action to give referrals or introductions
  • Commit to following the instructions this e-book  POWER MARKETING
  • This is your moment ..

    “Your opportunities are given to us through people. You can get there quicker by planning, targeting and visualizing what you want now!”

    Start with defining who your customer is. Stop with trying to be the jack of all trades. You just can’t do it, or don’t do it well.

    Get the Attractingbettercustomers

    Secondly, form your own referral circle. It’s an opportunity to work with others, exchange referrals and support each other at the same time. Find people that resonate with you and will help each other promote and collaborate with.


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