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How to Get More Sales

How to get more sales, I’m sharing these tips to hopefully will give you some ideas in how to get more sales for you.

Your customers want to have a long term relationship with you. They want more than just what product or services you are offering, they want a delightful experience that will be rewarding  for them to continually buy from you.

How do you get more sales from inactive customers?

1. You want to offer them a special. This is something value added it’s not a discount off whatever you are selling. Value added may be your offer them educational workshops to help them grow their business. Extra services, free delivery, favorable terms, like a payment plan.

2. Communicate why they are getting this special offer. They area preferred or special customer or a past customer. Or it’s a bribe to get them back doing business together.

The more creative you can get the better the results you will have. You can simply ask your former customer what will it take for them to buy from you again. If there was or is any dissatisfaction of buying from you before, you can now resolve it with them one on one. And how do you know they aren’t buying from you? Just ask them.

Do you keep a running tally, of your customers? If you don’t, now would be a good time to start developing a customer list.

When I was working in sales for Solid Gold Promotions, it was a competitor for the Entertainment Coupon Books. At one time or another Solid Gold used to have some customers that Entertainment had. I began to ask our past customers how I could win their business again. Two things I discovered and added:

When I delivered the books to offices myself, most of them were downtown and they didn’t have time to pick them up.

My second value added service was, if they placed their order for the next year, I would gift them the equal amount of books they ordered.  The current coupons were still valid for three more months, until the Coupon Books for next year were published and distributed.

My strategy to get more orders or accounts was to go after non-traditional fundraisers like Social Committees, they needed to raise money for the shortfall for staff parties, their sports team and the like. I got my strategy from simply asking a few questions from inactive accounts and learning more about them.

The results that I achieved in one year working with Solid Gold and our old customers, I increased my accounts by 150%.

Don’t assume your past customers know what products or services you offer, they may not know, especially if you are now offering some value added services. If they don’t know or aren’t willing to answer your questions, then start asking the secretaries, other staff members. Educate them and over time, a percentage of them will return. One past customer I had, switched to Entertainment Books simply because Solid Gold didn’t offer any service. They actually preferred to work with Sold Gold. I was able to get them back as a customer and we had a better relationship.

Help your customers to buy from you, even when it is slow, by providing educational sessions, or a newsletter or e-books to share with them in how to do something better. Spend some time thinking of ideas to stimulate your customers business and pass along the ideas to them or collaborate with them.

Start communicating with them more frequently, grow them into your sales funnel, be active with them. Update them.. if you don’t your competitors will.  Your silence tells them, that you don’t care about them anymore.

Send them a newsletter – I use Mailerlite, they have great customer service and have a Facebook group too, if you need extra support.


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