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How to Get Speaking Gigs

As an Event Manager, I’ve gotten quite a few requests to help speakers to get gigs for them, some of them need some help with their marketing.

Apparently, after doing the call, it did not record.(there’s no volume) if you would like to join me, I can do the call again. Please leave me a comment if you would be interested in joining me and I will do another a call. I am so sorry.

My first question for them is What are you doing in marketing yourself?

Helping speakers to get gigs.  I’ve put together a tele-semiar about some ideas for their marketing.

Do you have a Blog   This will allow you to bond with your readers, it’s social, use your own voice, build a sense of community. Being a thought leader/ expert/authority.

Video’s is #1 tool for you. You can cover what you do, a demonstration, a web series, introductions, testimonials. The 1st video needs to be 7 minutes long to stay on top longer – this is not a long time. Do 3 short videos’ and edit them together of different events that you have spoken at. Create your own channel or TV

E-newsletters – persmission based marketing.. it will allow you to start building your list and share great content. Your content should be about 80% about them and 20% about you.

Join review sites like Yelp, City Search, – if you get a negative review address it right away. Be sure to collect feedback after you have spoken and find out what they said about you. If you can reach out to the people to find out exactly what they liked and didn’t.
Collaborate and share each others content.

Twitter is a very valuable resource. Make friends, get RT’s share content

Facebook – create a business page, hangout, network with people, coupons, video’s, pictures

LinkedIn – it’s a word of mouth tools, join groups, answering questions, posting polls, share your expertise.

Networking tips:
Elias Mela my first tip for a good networker is first of all to show up, and then be consistent!!! 🙂 Those are the most important aspects in my opinion. It really makes me wonder why some networkers complain about never getting any business when they are inconsistent, LOL!!! 🙂 Just my thoughts.

Bette Daoust My best tip is to follow up – people quite often talk to people at events and then never call them to make an appointment and get new business.

Chef Cindy’s Cards Follow up after 24-48 hrs and give referral not a lead. Edify both parties before connecting and most importantly call both parties 2-3 weeks later!

Debi Daisy Walsh Anything FREE that will help your Business – Free Advertising = Craigslist, EBay Classifields, Free Events, Ie Go and Hand Out Flyer ( Booth For Free Be a Vendor )

Patty Farmer  Collaborate with other people you meet networking

Carol Deckert  Do networking on and offline

I go into much more detail in the call. Be sure to listen to the call 1st.

Mari-Lyn Harris

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