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How to Grow Relationships on LinkedIn

How to grow relationships on LinkedIn, in one of my groups I asked this question about how they develop relationships on LinkedIn.

“Do you expect to have a relationships every invitation or conversation with your connections?”

Just curious, what do you think? Leave your comments below.

Susan N. Pearl • Mari-Lyn – I send out a heartfelt email saying that I AM honored to connect with them. Also let them know that we share xx connections and groups in common. Look forward to reading their posts and stay connected. 
We connect outside of LI via Skype, email or phone. 

Building Business Relationships to Last a Lifetime not a Lunchtime. 

Best Regards, 

Pete Ticali • Mari-Lyn; Up Front let me say THANK YOU.
I sincerely hope everyone will give it the thought it deserves and share those thoughts with all of us… I may be strange (or at least not the norm), but I do not have a large number of “connections” and most of them were invites from others. I sincerely believe that the “connection” happens right here, where we all can listen, learn, share and grow.

In the process of doing that you “DEVELOP” relationships. As an “old” Salesmen… I know this to be “GOLD”. Trained many a “newbie” and simple told them “often sales is about a couple of young people assisting each other at the beginning of their careers (buyer/seller) and then getting old together. Its not the 8 million prospects, its the twenty who call you first because they know you will make sure they get what they need! 

I think that’s the model to mirror. Its why there is a Job area, A promotion area, a special subgroup for JV’s & Deals… They are there so that relationships HERE can remain untainted. Good sales people come to understand “they need to buy you…. before the will consider buying the product you pitch. 

When Social networks stop seeking to be social; something new will replace them… the methods look different from time to time, but solid relationship weather even the roughest seas. 
Thanks again for the question!

Julian Niemiec [LION] © • I don’t like collecting Numbers and avoid those that do. 

I like connecting with people for chats and shared experiences – Social & Business – but I am very bad at Personnel Networking and Selling myself, I have also never been great as asking for help (Especially now I’ve been unemployed for a while) so I’m not sure how valid my views are.

One reason I joined LinkedIn was to share professional knowledge and learn from others across the globe, but I have seen that many see this site as an area for Sales and self promotion or just as a means of collecting numbers (I have yet to understand why). I have also had many positive experiences from recruiters that seem to be using this site to help them fill positions. 

I don’t have any Social Network Process or System and am much more comfortable doing things – especially if it involve the countryside and/or horses etc – than standing in a room selling myself.

When I do get a message saying ‘Please let me know how I can help’ I never know how to answer as it comes from someone I’ve not yet met. My friends don’t say this to me even after knowing them for years. 

Then again I’m not sure if this says more about my view on life or that of others.

Robert Williams • I accept all invites, but most importantly, some will and will not be in my inner circle of networking together; building relationships. I want networks of lasting friendship. : -)

Claude Rothman (Open networker) • Hi Mari-Lyn, I do not accept everybody but with time the number gets high. Here are some of the ways I use my network:

1- It is not rare that some people compete for a title or whatever on LinkedIn. Very often some ask me to support them with part of my network. Most of these competitions are regional. So, I take some of my regional network and pass the message.

2- It is often though that some unemployed (or not) members of my network ask me some advise. Either I can answer or I can’t. If I can’t or believe I’m not giving a complete answer, I refer the person to some other person.

3- Among my latest activities, there was a case in which I didn’t illustrate myself with brilliancy. So I’m going back to zero studying the pros and cons and asking my network some help and/or introduction to someone who could help me.

4- Lastly, and I’m sure I forget examples, a company X interests me. I know nobody there but have a contact working there. I’m going to ask this person the information needed…
I hope this clarifies the situation.

Chris J Devine • Hi Mari-Lyn, 

I appreciate the question. For me, accepting invitations is always a struggle because I would prefer to accept on the basis that we are going to build a relationship, share ideas, and interact is some sort of way; but find that a lot of the people I have requested to add, or that have added me, don’t usually blossom into such relationships. That could be because of the different value we each put into the purpose of the site or just a fault of my own not chasing down the conversations as much as I should.

My system for accepting LI members is simple, we have discussed business in some sort of a facet and plan on expanding the connection into other discussions, referrals, and direct business. I am here to build business relationships and will connect anyone with someone I believe can help them. If there isn’t that intellectual connection, that drive to build better business, and to continue becoming better and bigger communicators I prefer not to add the person to my network. Though I still often do on good faith that the reason people are wishing to add me is for that purpose, to communicate and build business.

I hope this helps you in deciding if you want to accept new LinkedIn Invitations, or what you want to get out of Linkedin.

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