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How to Show that You Care

How to show that you care is very simple, let people know you have their back, or offer help when they are having challenges or give them a phone call.

Carol Deckert and I were talking about some challenges she is facing in getting her blog up, I offered her some suggestions and said I would be happy to help her in any way I can. I know when I first learned how to do my own blogs it was a huge learning curve.

You want to share that you care about other people by being a good neighbor and friend. It’s not just about getting someone to buy from you. If you are your own boss, get on board in using Social Media to help you. Being kind and nice is the way do it everyday.

Here’s another thing about the networking platforms, whether you are using LinkedIn or Facebook or any other one that you like. It’s not about having lots of numbers of fans or followers, as you want to be able to have relationships with people. Of course, not everyone may want to have one with you. For example on LinkedIn, I get many requests from people who want to join my network…do I want to know them more or am I just a number not to be heard from again?

My experiment of being an Open Networker, did not work for me, simply because I am into getting to know people and establishing some sort of friendship with. I have since removed myself from the Open Networking groups and any other groups of who I thought I would be able to participate in..What I have found is alot of people still doing the sales pitch or self-promoting themselves. When I did it, I was called on it or it just didn’t feel good to me. It just isn’t an effective strategy for me. For someone else it may work.

Don’t be afraid of making changes as you become friends with people on the web. Social media making isn’t based on a quick fix or a short term sale. It’s a long term strategy.

Your customers and connections are really sick of being ignored and unappreciated.

When was the last time you connected with people, who are in your network? How can you show some love to them today? Well, it’s pretty easy. Just find ways to help people feel important.

1. Ask them how you can help them
2. Send them appreciation notes
3. Send them video e-mails just to say Thank you
4. Call them up to get to know them outside of being on-line with them

Traditional marketing messages no longer work anymore. It’s like ads yelling at your audience “Buy this or from me” – is dead.

Some businesses are still advertising on line, they are so desperate that they figure that advertising on line ought to work, they are just wasting their money and likely not getting the results that they want to have why? It’s a traditional method and it’s a dead method.

The new strategy is to show that you care..


Be kind
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